Stephen King Praises Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 2 hit Netflix a couple weekends back, and like its first season, it received high praise from both fans and critics. With the exception of one polarizing episode, most seemed to agree that

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Was Offered Lead Role In Upcoming Narnia Film

ThatHashtagShow is reporting that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was offered the lead role of Jill Pole for the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair. Sadly, the reveal comes with a big asterisk.

Taika Waititi Jokes About Opening Thor 4 With Goldblum And Sam Neill

*Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok follow below* With Thor: Ragnarok being a massive success around the world, those who have seen the film know both Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill were in the film, and that Asgardians

Seth Rogen’s New TV Series The Boys Gets Series Order From Amazon

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke’s new TV series The Boys just got picked up. The show is also set to be directed by long-time collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who have already done great things

New Flash Poster Teases Impending Showdown

The CW has released a brand new poster for the current season of The Flash, and it teases that Barry Allen is “speeding toward a showdown.” Have a look at the poster down below! On

Thor: Ragnarok – Odin’s Original Scenes Bummed Everyone Out Too Much

If you’ve been following the Thor: Ragnarok production, you may have noticed some real changes over time. Back when the movie was shooting, some shots leaked out of Anthony Hopkins dressed as Odin in the

No James Bond For Denis Villeneuve For Now, Dune Is His Current Priority

If Denis Villeneuve isn't the hottest director in Hollywood, who is? Granted, Taika Waititi and Patty Jenkins are getting a lot of attention right now, but over the last five years Villeneuve has been ascending

Disney’s Streaming Service Will Be Priced Lower Than Netflix

Disney is a premium brand. Whether you love or hate the mouse overlord, there is no denying their worldwide appeal. They own pretty much everyone’s childhood, and is really the one company that has the

Disney Creating Star Wars Live-Action & Marvel Series For Their Streaming Service

It sounds like Disney is (rightfully) going all in on their streaming service. Disney had an investors call recently, and Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz took to Twitter to reveal that the conglomerate is doubling

BREAKING: Rian Johnson Developing All-New Star Wars Trilogy [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Rian Johnson took to Twitter to comment on the recent announcement saying: We hope so too. ORIGINAL STORY: Lucasfilm must be REALLY happy with the work writer-director Rian Johnson did on Star Wars: