Watch Cops Behaving Badly In This Teaser For 'WAR ON EVERYONE'

– by LRM

People love to watch cops behaving badly. Be it for thrills in films like BAD BOYS, chills in movies like TRAINING DAY, or the kind of laughs found in 21 JUMP STREET, there's definitely something appealing about watching law enforcement cut loose from its square-jawed reputation.

The latest film to explore cops gone wild is the bonkers-looking WAR ON EVERYONE. It stars the stellar Michael Peña (ANT-MAN, END OF WATCH) and Alexander Skarsgård (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN), who's continuing his push for post-TRUE BLOOD glory. 

Here's the red-band teaser for WAR ON EVERYONE:

WAR ON EVERYONE was directed by John Michael McDonagh (NED KELLY, CALVARY), and comes out in wide release later this year.


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