WWE 205 Live Reaction

– by Tim Jousma

The latest episode of 205 Live on the WWE Network is in the books. The show airs live on the WWE Network after Smackdown Live goes off the air. The competitors on the show are some of the elite cruiser-weights in wrestling today. Their talent when the bell rings speaks for itself. What the WWE has chosen to do with that talent is a different story altogether.

  The big problem with this show is evident when the show starts. You see folks in the audience leaving. That’s not what you want to see for a show that’s supposedly “The Most Exciting Hour In Television!” For unproven talent, at least in the eyes of casual fans, to essentially close the show after Smackdown Live finishes is a big mistake. The casual fan has already seen who they paid to see. They could care less for what they consider are a bunch of no names fighting in the ring for no real reason. I don’t get why they don’t tape 205 Live before Smackdown Live starts. They would have a bigger crowd. They wouldn’t have to dim the lights on the audience to the point where it’s embarrassing. They could use these guys for what the cruiser-weights did so effectively for WCW back in the day by having them warm up the crowd with action they won’t see the bigger guys perform.

  It’s almost like certain folks in the WWE want this show to fail. And that’s sad. Anyone that saw the Cruiserweight Classic can attest to the drama these folks can bring. Yet having them retread storylines from the 80’s by creating a feud between Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander that involves Noam trying to hit on Cedric’s girlfriend is a joke. You’re not going to see Aaron Rogers go into the crowd to hit on Tom Brady’s wife during a game. Seeing this stupid storyline is just giving me a reason not to watch.


  The saving grace for the show was the main event. Neville and The Brian Kendrick faced off against TJ Perkins and Rich Swann in a tag team match. The action itself was great. The Brian Kendrick and Neville showcased why they’re going to be the featured players on the show by showing actual personality during this match.

  If the match had any negative, it would be with the Cruiserweight champion tagging himself back into the match despite getting his rear end handed to him. He offered no real signs of offense during the match which made his rush to get back in the ring seem silly. As the champion, he’s supposedly better than everyone else in that division yet he’s so eager to get his butt kicked that he’d rather let the fresh guy hang outside for most of the match. I’ll be glad to take this criticism back if they’re setting up an issue between TJ Perkins and Rich Swann. Wanting to have all the answers right away is a fools errand in wrestling. You have to have patience. I just doubt the creative team is going to take the time to address this.

  Overall, the in ring action is worth a look. The stories they’re trying to tell outside of the ring kill any interest I have in the cruiser-weights which is sad. This show will take some time to get off the ground. Most of the talent are people folks are not familiar with so it will take some time to get everything off the ground. But when you make misstep after misstep and put these guys in situations where you as an audience member could care less about them, you have to ask the WWE why they’re putting on this show if they don’t feel compelled to give the audience a reason to watch.

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