– by Shockey

The latest episode of 205 Live on the WWE Network is in the books. The show airs live on the WWE Network after Smackdown Live goes off the air. The competitors on the show are some of the elite cruiser-weights in wrestling today. Their talent when the bell rings speaks for itself. What the WWE has chosen to do with that talent is a different story altogether.

  Overall, the in ring action is worth a look. The stories they’re trying to tell outside of the ring kill any interest I have in the cruiser-weights which is sad. This show will take some time to get off the ground. Most of the talent are people folks are not familiar with so it will take some time to get everything off the ground. But when you make misstep after misstep and put these guys in situations where you as an audience member could care less about them, you have to ask the WWE why they’re putting on this show if they don’t feel compelled to give the audience a reason to watch.