X-Men: Simon Kinberg On X3 Regrets & Making a Better Dark Phoenix Movie

– by Edward Douglas

During LRM Online's interview with Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker earlier, we had a funny feeling that Kinberg--recently announced as being in talks to write and direct the rumored X-Men: Supernova--would not confirm whether any of that is true.

If Kinberg actually is in negotiations with Fox to write and direct the movie, he'll probably want to make sure everything is signed in terms of the deal. (It may be hard to believe but people actually make movies in the hopes of making money back, and being that this would be Kinberg's directorial debut, it's kind of a big deal.)

With that in mind, we did want to talk to Kinberg about the rumors that the next X-Men movie would be a retelling of The Dark Phoenix Story as teased quite blatantly in last year's X-Men: Apocalypse.

What's interesting is that Kinberg's first involvement with Marvel's merry mutants was as one of the writers on X-Men: The Last Stand, a movie that went through several directors before landing on Brett Ratner with somewhat disappointing results.

The first thing Kinberg wanted to make clear was that he wouldn't say whether this Supernova movie would actually be another retelling of The Dark Phoenix storyline.

“Well, I can’t confirm that we’re doing a ‘Dark Phoenix’ movie, but I’ll talk more about X3  (i.e. The Last Stand) then what I would do," he said, referring to the rumors of them redoing Dark Phoenix. 

"My regrets about X3—and there are things that I think are really great in that movie and for a lot of people they like that movie—but my regret about the movie is that the Dark Phoenix story was sort of the subplot and the main plot was the cure story, if you remember. I think the main mistake (among others) we made in that movie was taking something that is as profound, dramatic and epic, potentially, as the Dark Phoenix story, and pushing it down to be the B-plot of a movie when it really should be the A-plot of maybe one or more movies. That’s I guess what I would say about is that I felt as though we---for whatever reason, and it was a combination of different impulses and different input—we made a movie that wasn’t truly a Dark Phoenix story, it was a continuation of the X-Men saga and Dark Phoenix was one of the stories within it instead of focusing on Dark Phoenix as the story.”

It's actually kind of cool that Kinberg may have a chance at getting a mulligan on Dark Phoenix, if they do decide to go that route, that is.

I mean, come on.... the working title for the movie is supposedly Supernova!! It's an awesome title and frankly, I think X-Men fans would be thrilled to see the young cast of X-Men: Apocalypse giving it a go.

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