'X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS' Director Reveals Who'll Be On The Team!

– by LRM

We've known for some time that Fox is planning a full-scale expansion of its X-MEN franchise. With the stunning success of DEADPOOL, things bode well for the studio- which hopes to make its own shared cinematic universe out of all of the Marvel mutants it has the rights to. Another of the films that Fox has lined up for this XCU is X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS.

Director Josh Boone (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS) will be handling the film, about a group of young mutants. Nothing is known about the plot of the film, but now we may at least know which characters will be in it. A series of posts on the director's Instagram may have revealed the lineup for X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS

Included in the images above are the characters Illyana Rasputin (Magik), Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane), Danni Moonstar (Mirage), Sam Guthrie (Cannonball), Roberto DeCosta (Sunspot), and Warlock

What do you think of this prospective lineup?

NEW MUTANTS is rumored to be more of a Y.A. story- a stark contrast to the R-rated DEADPOOL- and will have a tone that's more HUNGER GAMES than X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS does not yet have an official release date.

SOURCE: Instagram

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