– by Seth McDonald

While Zack Snyder is known for delivering the goods in the form of mind blowing visual sequences in his big budget films, today comes news of a much smaller project from the visionary director. Snyder took to his Twitter account to release the poster for his latest project, a short film called Snow Steam Iron. As mentioned in the tweet, the short film will be coming soon, though no other specifics were given for the film’s release. From the look of the poster the film’s plot appears to revolve around a murder. Snyder mentions that the film was shot over the course of a few days with, according to the post, some of Snyder’s talented (and unnamed) friends and was shot for no money. You can see the newly released poster for the film below.

Snyder, while known for his visual displays, has been criticized in other aspects of his filmmaking, namely, pacing and story. While I thought the fight between Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice was great (until the Martha incident), it was a full two hours into the movie before fans got to see some real action, and at times the film seemed to really drag (though my position remains the same, I did not, by any means, hate the film). The short film, Snow Steam Iron could be an opportunity to for Snyder to improve on his storytelling ability on a smaller scale. With no room for the film to drag, Snyder would be able to easier construct a cohesive story arc. Additionally, it sounds like a way for him to connect with his family, which is always a good thing.

Snyder’s family faced a horrible tragedy earlier this year with his daughter committing suicide. This caused Snyder to step away from the upcoming Justice League film. Joss Whedon, who helmed both Avengers movies, was brought it to take his place.

Will you be checking out this short film by Zack Snyder? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • Victor Roa

    mmmmmm okay, go back to 300 era where it was a dirt poor budget but shows off his skills…… but this is clearly an example of “Arrested Development.” He’s making murder art like a teenager in high school just for attention.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I wonder if he will ask Whedon to clean up this movie as well?

    • Knight Rider

      That’s a real douchey thing to say, given the circumstances of Whedon taking over JL.

      • JDH523055

        Kick rocks lil nigga. Shits funny!

        • Knight Rider

          Well, if you’re the kind of asshole who thinks depression and suicide are funny

    • GoldenState17

      dying dude hahahaha

  • Fallout Boy!

    So, he ignores his family to make bad movies which stroke his ego, his kid shows him how well he’s doing at parenting, he collects a massive payday for JLA, leaves it unfinished with all the money already spent, goes on grief sabbatical only to make ANOTHER shitty movie? When you meet these people, you realize just how deeply narcissistic they really are and it STUNS you. To them, mirrors are the greatest artform that can ever exist. Just keep in mind that for a shoddy, incomplete job – on the heels of the same exact thing- this person will make more money than most people on here will make in their LIFETIMES.

    • Stiggs

      Is this sarcasm?

  • Jerry Nice

    Are the commentors on here really as shitty of humans as they seem, or am I missing something?

    To rag on a guy while he works through his painful loss makes me sick. Is empathy dead? Basic empathy?!?

    Say what you will about his films, but this is going too far.

  • Weresmurf

    “What can you do with your talented friends & family, no money and a weekend? ”

    Something infinitely better than the cinematic cut of BVS?