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Witches, werewolves and ghosts, oh my! And don’t forget the vampire.Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” is ready to be released this summer and some of the cast members are talking about the film based on the cult television series.

Actress Eva Green was interviewed with Movie Line about her role as Angelique Bouchard. Green described her character looking like a “bawdy Barbie.”

“She’s an extreme character, completely obsessed with a man, and will do absolutely anything to get him, to own him,” she said. “She looks like Barbie, but a bawdy Barbie. She’s a big character, and lots of fun to play, that’s for sure.”

And on a blog web site The Dark Shadow News Page managed to interview actress Kathryn Leigh Scott, who played the Maggie Evans in the original television series. She will have a cameo with Lara Parker, David Selby and Jonathan Frid in the film.

“It’s highly unusual, because people always want to reinvent the wheel and make something new and their own. Hollywood just normally doesn’t do that,” she said about appearing the film. “But I think that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and everyone connected with this project…..for them, it’s a labor of love. They wanted us to be a part of it. That’s so refreshing and so wonderful. I think that, more than anything, has endeared the fans to this film.”

She said the film will have the feel like the original television series, but with the appeal towards audiences today.

“I love the sort of Rip Van Winkle twist. The film starts in 1972 and ‘Dark Shadows’ went off the air in 1971 – I love the idea of that. I think that what they have done with the story is to make it fresh and new – to really appeal to the sensibilities of an audience some 40 years later. They needed to make it theire own, but the face that they included us and made us a part of it is really magical.”

As for Johnny Depp, she liked it how the actor try to adapt Barnabas as distinctly his own for a modern audience.

“With this huge current interest in all things vampiric, this film has the advantage of being about the granddaddy of all contemporary vampires—Jonathan Frid’s Barnabas. Johnny Depp has created what is essentially a valentine to Jonathan Frid, while at the same time making it very distinctly his own. So I think for someone 14 years old, who has no awareness of the original show, they will be catapulted into the heart of the real ‘Dark Shadows.’ Johnny Depp will become their Barnabas Collins.”

“Dark Shadows” will be in theaters this May 11.

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