– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Alamo Drafthouse’s Mondo released its first ever Academy Award poster series. It will feature limited edition prints of the nominated films in select categories.

There will be four posters from four different categories from the series.

These posters will be sold during the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26. For more information, follow @MondoNews for the sale announce time and details.

Here are the first two posters from the series below. The other two posters of the series will be revealed next week.

Hugo – nominated in Best Picture category; Artist: Kevin Tong; Size: 24×36; Edition: Regular (295), Varient (100); Price: Regular ($45), Varient ($70)

Regular “Hugo” Poster

Varient “Hugo” Poster

Rango—nominated in Best Animated Film category; Artist: Tom Whalen; Size: 18×24; Edition 270; Price: $40

Source: Alamo Drafthouse press release