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Warner Brothers Wants to Develop ‘The Dark Tower’

After Universal Pictures declined the ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower,” Warner Brothers Studios may want a crack at it.

According to Deadline, the studio will roll the dice for at least the first movie—and with whom else? Ron Howard will be in the director’s chair.

Warner Brothers is close to finalizing the deal with Howard and potentially with actor Javier Bardem as Roland Deschain.

Akiva Goldsman wrote the script adaptation from King’s novel. King and Brian Grazer will producers along with Goldsman.

Last year, Universal left the project after trying to reduce the budget of this enormous project, which possibly included television series and theatrical films for the series. However, this studio wanted to only commit a single film, which allowed the producers to shop elsewhere with the project.

Deadline indicated the marriage with Warner Brothers would be a perfect match for multiple films and television series due the arrangement with the studio HBO.

“The Dark Tower” series is a post-apocalyptic futuristic western about a gunslinger in his quest to find the fabled Dark Tower, a nexus of all universes.

The first film is likely to begin production early next year.

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