– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s time to look at the real-life mastermind behind James Bond.

Variety has reported Duncan Jones will direct a biopic about the James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Fleming was a journalist and Naval Intelligence Officer before he started penning the fictional spy novels on James Bond. The novels sold over 100 million copies worldwide and spawned and inspired countless James Bond films, including the upcoming “Skyfall” with Daniel Craig.

In the British Naval Intelligence, he was involved in the planning stages of Operation Mincemeat and Operation Golden Eye during the Second World War.

The author also wrote the children’s story “Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang,” which was also a 1968 film of the same name.

“Fleming lived through one of the most perilous periods in world history, in a position that allowed him a unique vantage point of all the players,” said Jones in a press release. “He witnessed the heroism first-hand. And he saw the evil men could do. Then, when the war ended, he went off to write fiction. The essential question for me is: Where did Ian Fleming end and Bond begin?”

The biopic will be based on Andrew Lycett’s biographical book called “Ian Fleming, the Man Behind James Boned.”

The working title for the film is “Fleming.”

Source: Variety

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