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Comic book superheroes. Box office records.

It would be a matter of time for “The Avengers” to be featured in the Internet hit series ‘How it Should Have Ended.”

HISHE assembled “The Avengers” in their popular series and continued with an imagined scene after the credits.  The hilarious clip featured the team eating with Batman and Superman in a café.

Of course, don’t watch the clip if you are one of the two people on the planet who hasn’t watched “The Avengers” yet and be spoiled from the following clip.

In other news, Walt Disney Pictures sent a press release announcing that they will exclusively screen “The Avengers” for the International Space Station crew. Now astronauts in space will see the movie. So don’t be left out to contribute into this billion dollar phenomena.

“The Avengers” is currently in theaters.

Check out the clip from HISHE below.

Source: HISHE