– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“Parks and Recreation” Latina actress Aubrey Plaza is getting a few projects under her belt to show off her range of acting abilities.

During an exclusive interview for “Safety Not Guaranteed” with Latino-Review, the actress discussed a few upcoming projects she will be in the future.

“I am working on a movie next month in Romania with Shia LeBeouf. It’s called, ‘The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman,” she confirmed to Latino-Review.

Plaza did not elaborate her specific role, but the actress wants to show her other acting abilities other than a sarcastic or depressed girl with a deadpan stare.

Here’s the synopsis of LeBeouf’s film:

Charlie Countryman (LaBeouf) was just a normal guy…until he fell in love with the one girl who will probably get him killed.  When Charlie meets the absolutely irresistible Gabi she’s already been claimed by Nigel, an insanely violent crime boss with a gang of thugs at his disposal.  Armed with little more than his wit and naïve charm, Charlie endures one bruising beat down after another to woo Gabi and keep her out of harm’s way.  Finally his exploits of blind valor create such a mess that he’s left with only one way out; to save the girl of his dreams, must Charlie Countryman die?

Plaza will join an already confirmed cast that includes Evan Rachel Wood, Rupert Grint (also confirmed this weekend), Til Schweiger, Mads Mikkelsen and Melissa Leo.

The project will be directed by Fredrik Bond from a script written by Matt Drake (“Project X”).

Plaza stars in her first lead role in the upcoming sci-fi romantic film “Safety Not Guaranteed.” She will also be seen in “Ten Year” and star in the lead role of “To Do List” next year.

The full text one-on-one interview with actress Aubrey Plaza for “Safety Not Guaranteed” will be published next week.

Source: Latino-Review

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