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During the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour for “Animal Practice,” Anthony Russo addressed a few reporters about being assigned to helm the “Captain America” sequel along with his brother Joe Russo.

The duo is best known for executive producing the television comedy “Community.” Actors Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Samuel L. Jackson will reprise their roles in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

According to several sources, Steve Rogers will try to adjust to the modern day world and his association with S.H.I.E.L.D.

So how will Russo develop Captain America in this sequel?

“We’re trying to grow him as a character, and certainly he’s come a long way, from where he started in pre-World War 2 to where he is in modern-day America. So the character has room for growth because of that huge journey that he’s been on, Number 1,” he explained. “Number 2, part of the appeal of these movies is the ensemble. Captain America isn’t the only character in the film, there are other characters that are perhaps a lighter in nature.”

Russo also confirmed there will be possible flashbacks to events in World War 2.

“Certainly Cap has this complicated history. We’re making the movie for first-time viewers, no just fans, so, because Cap does have this complicated history—he was this skinny guy who became a super-soldier, he was born back then and he’s living [now]—in the storytelling, you need to convey that to an audience who doesn’t know Cap’s story,” he said.

Too bad these interviewers couldn’t make Russo reveal juicy details about more Winter Soldier plot details, Peggy Carter or the Cap’s new relationship of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In fact, he admitted that he will have lunch with comic book writer and cartoonist Ed Brubaker soon about “Captain America.”

“They haven’t been involved,” he said about the comic book creators’ involvement into the project. “In the same way that they would develop a new comic-book series, they give its own space to develop. But certainly everybody is aware [of what’s in the comics], has read everything, is aware of all their other material. But they do like each thing to be its own, organic process, which is nice.”

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” will be in production next year with a theater release date for April 2014.

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