– by Joseph Jammer Medina

oldboy-ssI’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had very little interest in Spike Lee’s next film, “Oldboy.” Outside of “Inside Man,” there’s been little the director has done that speaks to me. I know he’s a good filmmaker, but the plots and subject matter of his films don’t usually line up with my interests. When I heard he was remaking the Korean film, “Zinda,” about a man obsessed with revenge after being unjustly locked away for many years who is suddenly released and must find those that imprisoned him…I thought, “Meh. Another ‘Angry Guy Seeks Revenge’ Flick.”

But then I watched this featurette…

Something about Brolin’s level of commitment has sparked my interest. The guy pulls a Christian Bale on steroids, physically transforming himself throughout the course of the production. From an average Joe to a chubby, hairy slob, to a slick, toned killer, Brolin really threw himself into this part. And something he says towards the end of the clip appealed to me: “It’s an experience, and that’s what I want when I go to the movies. I want to be moved.” I have a feeling this is going to be a cool, gritty, intense two hours at the movies. The kind where you check your brain at the door, plop that bucket of popcorn on your lap, and let a veteran storyteller take you on a thrill ride. This has the potential to be the next “Taken,” but with better production value.

Or maybe I just had too much coffee and my over-stimulated brain is reading way too much into this clip. You be the judge!

Source: FilmDistrict

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