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wolverine-xmen-BANNERAre you amongst the masses that saw “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and felt a small part of your soul die? And, having all ready sat through “X-Men: The Last Stand” did you think, “Well, that officially killed the X-Men franchise”? “Origins” director, Gavin Hood, in London to talk about “Ender’s Game” with IGN, was asked about where things went wrong.

“I was making a film that- frankly- was still be worked on by scriptwriters back in L.A. while I was in Australia. I learned a great deal in that movie,” he said. Hood referred to the experience as a “baptism by fire.” “For me it was, ‘Wow. This is weird. I’m getting pages the night before and trying to make it work on the day.”

Asked whether or not he’d seen James Mangold’s recent entry in the series, “The Wolverine,” Hood said “I haven’t seen that one,” but attributed that to a hectic traveling schedule.

“Ender’s Game” will be hitting theaters stateside on November 1.

So what do you think? Do we let him off the hook for “Origins”? Or is he still banished to Fanboy Purgatory alongside Brett Ratner?

Source: IGN