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bay paramount sabotageDid you want to punch Michael Bay in the face when it was announced that he was going add an alien element to the “Ninja Turtles”origin? Did you want to slap him upside the head after sitting through “Pearl Harbor”? Or maybe you wanted to tackle him to the ground and demand a refund after “Transformers 3”? Well, Reuters is reporting that someone actually got their hands on the director on the set of “Transformers 4.”

In a bizarre encounter on location in Hong Kong, two brothers approached him and the younger one demanded a specific sum of money. As things progressed, the older brother stepped up and assaulted Bay before turning around and fighting off three police officers that tried to intervene.

At this time it’s unclear what they were demanding money for. Both men were arrested at the scene, one for suspicion of assault and the other for suspicion of blackmail and assault. A third man was arrested after the incident as well, though his involvement remains unclear. Police have all three men in custody and an investigation is ongoing.

Bay sustained minor injuries to the side of his face, but resumed filming shortly after the incident. The director, the crew, and the actors have all declined to comment.

Source: Reuters