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It’s not about Superman Vs. Batman anymore.

It’s about Christian Bale Vs. Ben Affleck in the Batman role.

Latino-Review had an exclusive interview with Casey Affleck during the “Out of the Furnace” press junket recently. During the interview, I had to ask a Batman related question since he co-starred with Bale in the movie and is the brother to Ben Affleck.

I wanted his opinion on who may be end up being the better Batman?

Of course, the question did put him on the spot. And I was expecting more of a standard “no comment.”

The full interview transcript will be published at the beginning of next month. “Out of the Furnace” will be in theaters on December 6.

So who will be the best Batman? He gave us a good answer to a very tough question.

Find out by listening to the short audio recording below.