– by Joseph Jammer Medina

ASM2ELECTRO_POWERIn the latest entries of an ever-increasing trend, Sony has released “teasers” for their upcoming Spider-Man 2 teaser. Here are three of them, aimed at the latino market. None of them reveal, well, anything. Just shots of Spidey web-slinging or, in one case, free-falling from the sky.

The one newsworthy bit here is the reveal of a possible tagline for the title. While everyone has been calling the movie, simply, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, these teaser previews refer to the film as Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro. That’s a literal translation, and its likely that the english version will be something that sounds less corny (or so, we hope). This does indicate, though, that Electro is the true antagonist of the picture.

Last week, speculation ran wild as a banner poster for the movie was revealed that showed Spider-Man facing off against three villains at once- Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro. People wondered if Jamie Foxx’s Electro was really going to be the focal point, or merely just a stepping stone towards a larger threat. But with Electro’s name being featured prominently in the tagline for the film, it’s now safe to assume that he is the true big baddie. My guess is Rhino will be a “mini-boss” and Goblin will be teased toward the end but mainly be saved for the third film in the series.

Here are the preview teasers. Brace yourselves for a grand total of 29 seconds of…not much.

Spider-Man is scheduled to swing back into theaters on May 2, 2014.

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