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Paranormal-Activity-3-Theatrical-Still1My friends over at Moviehole have unearthed some information about Paranormal Activity 5. While the current film- which could, and should, have been marketed as a direct sequel, and not as a “latino spin-off”- is underperforming at the box office, the franchise is still extremely viable for Paramount. They cost just about nothing to make, feature a cast of no-names, and can be shot within weeks. So, for better or worse, we can expect to see more entries in the series until one completely crashes and burns.

Clint posted a breakdown on MH of the next film’s lead family. Here’s what he had to say about them:

  • “Ryan, Emily, their 6-year-old daughter Leila,and Mike, Ryan’s younger brother (essentially a less fitter, less funkier version of his brother) essentially.”
  • “Ryan, 26-31, is described as a ‘big kid’, he’s a video-game designer who has relocated his family from New York to Pala Alto for a cushy gig at Rockstar Games.”
  • “Though somewhat of a hippie (she’s into organic food, loves the arts and music, won’t let her daughter eat Gluten, and sports tattoos), Wife Emily is considerably more serious than her young husband – she’s constantly on the go, does Yoga, and though loving, has an air of maturity about her. Her sister died a year before.”
  • “Their daughter Leila seems to be a mixture of both – a bit of a fearless, opinionated tomboy.”
[Descriptions Courtesy of Moviehole]

Of note, they’re sticking with what works. The initial three films centered on particular archetypes: Manchild + Kind of Uptight Wife/GF + Kid(s)* + Haunted House = Paranormal Activity (*Kids Optional!). While PA 4 and The Marked Ones moved away from that formula, and were considered low-points for the franchise, it looks like they want to get back to what worked.

The film is set to start filming next month.

Paranormal Activity 5 will also return the series to its Halloween roots, opening on October 24.

SOURCE: Moviehole

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