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AvatarMarketSaw, thanks to one of their French readers, was able to get their hands on some information that director James Cameron let slip about his plans for the upcoming Avatar sequels. Amongst the tidbits discovered were nuggets about the themes and the cutting edge technology going into the sequels to the most financially successful film of all time.

According to the film blog, these were the big bullet-points that came from Cameron’s French interview:

  • “Still in creative pre-production; going to be spectacular.”
  • “New worlds, new habitats, new cultures.”
  • “Still Humans (dominating nature) vs. Navi (integrating into nature), but with new manifestations.”
  • “Working with Weta Digital to create a whole new suite of tools to speed up production.”
  • “Considering shooting whole movie in high framerate -or- variable framerate (only the parts of the movie that make sense to be in HFR).”
  • “Shooting at a native resolution of 4K.”
[Courtesy of MarketSaw]

This all sounds right in line with past comments from the director, and it shows that not much has changed for the maverick filmmaker- even as he approaches his 60s. He’s always been on the cutting edge, he trusts his vision implicitely, and- despite having plenty of detractors- his track record clearly speaks for itself. The man knows how to tap into the collective brains of a very wide popular culture.

The first Avatar sequel will arrive at the end of 2016, with the remaining ones coming out each year after that.

SOURCE: MarketSaw