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roberto duran manos de piedra hands of stoneIt would appear that legendary actor Robert De Niro has had boxing on the brain these last couple of years. Not only did the Raging Bull star revisit the sport in last year’s Grudge Match, with Sylvester Stallone, but he’s about to be seen in Hands of Stone. The latter film is a biographical tale about Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran (the title is the english translation of that nickname). Despite being an incredible pugilist, winning 103 of 119 professional fights, Duran may be most famous for one of his losses in which he famously declared “¡No mas!” to prematurely end his bout against Sugar Ray Leonard.

De Niro will portray Duran’s trainer, Ray Arcel. Arcel famously trained 18 world champions.


Edgar Ramirez (The Bourne Ultimatum, Ché) will portray Duran in the film, which will tell the tale of how Arcel and Duran changed each other’s lives during their great run together. Also featured in the cast is Panamanian actor/musician Rubén Blades (Crossover Dreams, Predator 2), Ellen Barkin, John Turturro, and pop superstar Usher Raymond as Sugar Ray Leonard.

Here’s the first official promo image for the film:

hands-of-stone-edgar-ramirez-robert-de-niro Ruben Blades

Hands of Stone was written and directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Jonathan Jakubowicz, and is currently in post-production. The film is due to come out later this year.

SOURCE: Collider