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still-of-joseph-gordon-levitt-and-seth-rogen-in-5050-(2011)-large-pictureSeth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been tapped by their 50/50 director, Jonathan Levine, to star in a comedy about old friends reuniting in NYC to renew an old tradition of going out on Christmas Eve. Levine, who also wrote and directed the “zombie comedy” Warm Bodies, will also write this one. Considering 50/50 was a “cancer comedy,” it’s pretty clear that the young director likes to make films that put unlikely plot elements into comedies- so perhaps there’ll be more of a twist to this fairly conventional-sounding comedy, to come.

As of now, the film has no title, and a third lead has yet to be named. The plot centers on three childhood friends, so now it’s a waiting game to see which other member of Rogen’s comedy clique becomes the third man.

Who would you choose? Do we go the James Franco route? Maybe Danny McBride? How about Michael Cera? Well, if Cera’s busy, though, we can just call Jesse Eisenberg. Anyone know if he’s doing anything this year?

This untitled Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt comedy is set to film this summer.

SOURCE: Deadline

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