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tom-hardy-talks-caponeTom Hardy, one of the stars of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has kept a relatively low profile since appearing in that blockbuster film. But that won’t last much longer, as the films he’s been working on since that one wrapped, are sure to thrust him back to the front of people’s minds. Not only does he have the reboot of Mad Max on the way- in which he steps into Mel Gibson’s iconic role- but he’s also set to star in Locke.

Locke will tell the tense tale of how a single phone call unravels the life of a successful construction manager during his drive home. The film all ready has tons of good buzz, with critics hailing it as a masterful performance by Hardy in a film that’s truly a unique nail-biter.

Check out the trailer below.

The film was written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), who also sat in the director’s chair for this one. Locke is set to arrive in the states on April 25.

SOURCE: Lionsgate