– by Joseph Jammer Medina

lucy-photo-52330d9dcc488One of the most surprising first looks out of CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week will be Luc Besson’s “Lucy.”

The film’s featured footage during Universal Pictures’ presentation this week has a lot of special effects. And when we’re speaking of special effects—we’re saying like on the same level like “Matrix” and “Minority Report.”

Latino-Review was present during this presentation.

The film stars Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, a young woman who is a drug mule. However, she accidentally swallows the unknown drug and gains superpowers.

The footage reveals more plotlines and here is what we learn:

*She was kidnapped by Asian criminals after a party and the unknown drugs were surgically placed inside her body. Another group of Asian thugs beat her during an interrogation thus some of the drugs inside her body went into her bloodstream;

*Morgan Freeman played a college professor who studies the brain. He would be quoted that the human being will only use 10 percent of the brain;

*Lucy starts to gain more usage in her brain that allows her to increase cognitive powers to understand the universe to the point that she can control the universe around her;

*She could learn new skills instantly like firing weapons and writing Chinese;

*She could gain new superpowers to stop time, paralyze people, reverse time and sense body energies.

The special effects in “Lucy” are impressive as visual eye candy. It’s a serious sci-fi movie and not like Besson’s “The Fifth Element.” So no doubt it’ll be one of the upcoming sci-fi films to watch.

“Lucy” will be released on August 8 later this year.

Source: Latino-Review

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