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raid2The Raid was a big hit, and the sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal, is garnering plenty of buzz amongst fans of the martial arts genre. Naturally, there’s all ready talk of a third, and director Gareth Evans has spoken to Variety a bit about what we should expect from the third Raid movie.

This was a his message to fans, which addresses both the production timeline as well as the timeline for the story itself:

“They’re going to have to wait a while. I don’t want to do it for three years, maybe. I do have a concept in mind. If this one is two hours after ‘The Raid’ finished, ‘Raid 3? starts three hours before ‘The Raid 2? finishes. So you go back in time a little and then branch off for a different story.”

So, fans of The Raid, are you prepared to wait three years for another movie? Are you part of the excited crowds of people lining up to check out screenings of The Raid 2 presently? The uber-violent sequel is set to begin a limited rollout in LA and other major cities on March 28.

SOURCE: Variety