– by Joseph Jammer Medina

wolverine-xmen-BANNERThe X-Men cinematic universe is about to explode. Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, the mega-budgeted, hugely ambitious, and biggest entry in Fox’s 14 year old series will be arriving in theaters later this year. It will then lead to another massive X-Men event film, X-Men: Apocalypse. Along the way, several plotlines are going to be remixed, rebooted, and retconned- thanks to the time travel elements of DoFP. Singer is going to get the chance right a few of the wrongs that occurred in the X-universe after he left it (I’m looking at you, X-Men: The Last Stand), and reposition certain characters. But where does this leave Logan, aka Wolverine?

The last time we saw him, he had a successful spin-off film called The Wolverine, which was directed by James Mangold and which starred- once again- Hugh Jackman. A few months back, Mangold and Jackman gave opposing statements about whether or not there’d be a follow-up solo adventure for Logan. We know the character will be featured in DoFP, but while Mangold announced there’d be another solo outing, Jackman said that they’d only do it if they felt they had a good story to tell. Well, now it would appear that they found that story because Mangold took to Twitter to announce when the movie will film:


But then again, looking at that timeline, you’ve got to wonder if Jackman will be the one in the role. Apocalypse is set to arrive on 2016, which means it will film in 2015. So another Wolverine film would shoot, at the earliest, in late 2015, or 2016. By that point the Australian actor will be 48 years old. Jackman has intimated that Days of Future Past could be his final bow as Logan, and one has to wonder if he- or the studio- thinks a Wolverine that’s pushing 50 is really what anybody wants to see. The character, after all, is supposed to be ageless.

So perhaps Mangold will be entrusted to make the first movie to feature a new actor as Wolverine. Could be exciting for him. Similar to how Martin Campbell directed Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, but then came back to relaunch the character when Daniel Craig took over the role.

What do you think? And who would you choose?

Personally, I saw this guy proposed elsewhere and I thought, “Yeah, I could totally see that.” So he’s got my vote.


That’s Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead, by the way.

SOURCE: Twitter

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