– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-cast1It’s routine at this point, but Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy has entered the stage of its post-production where they’re bringing actors back in for additional filming. James Gunn took to his Instagram to post a tiny glimpse of one of the things they’re working on. Karen Gillan, who plays the villainess Nebula in the upcoming film, is part of the reshoots. In the photo below, she’s joined by Zoe Saldana, as they seemingly prepare to work on a one-on-one combat scene. The Dominican actress plays Gamora, and Gillan has praised her for being such a natural at scenes like these- which makes sense since Saldana has a history of taking on very physical roles.

I wonder if Dave Bautista will get a call to come in for reshoots or pick-ups? He’s knee deep in a major program as part of his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. He just competed in WrestleMania XXX in the main event, and has been on every telecast for months now. Chris Pratt is also about to begin production on Jurassic World. So the window to get the cast together again is very narrow.

Guardians of The Galaxy is set to arrive on August 1, and it will be the first Marvel film to follow last weekend’s behemoth Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That film altered the landscape for many of the established characters in the MCU, but one has to think that the fallout of what happened in that movie will have minimal impact on the story being represented in GoTG. GoTG will also be the final Phase Two film before next year’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

SOURCE: James Gunn

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