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VISION2BANNERPaul Bettany appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk up his work in the new Johnny Depp thriller, Transcendence, and while he was there Kimmel brought up his upcoming appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Vision. As always, Bettany has to be tight-lipped due to Marvel’s rules of secrecy, so he doesn’t reveal much. But it does get acknowledged that he’s played JARVIS in the Iron Man films for all these years, and it once again plants questions about whether or not the two characters/entities are somehow one and the same.

Kimmel also tries to get Bettany to open up about which powers we can expect the cinematic version of The Vision to have, and if they’d be the same as in the comics. All Bettany is willing to say is that, as per usual, Marvel sort of “picks and chooses” which powers will survive the adaptation so that he fits into the rules established in their movies.

Here’s the segment:


Bettany will next be seen in Transcendence, which opens on Friday. He will appear as The Vision in Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron next year.

What do you think? Have any wild theories about JARVIS and The Vision being somehow one and the same? If not, then will it bother you to have the same actor portray two well-known entities in the MCU?

SOURCE: Jimmy Kimmel Live