– by Joseph Jammer Medina

sinistersixSo it may be a tale of redemption.

In an interview with IGN, “The Sinister Six” movie producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach revealed that the villains will not necessarily be portrayed as villains.

“There’s no such thing as just a villain,” claimed Tolmach to IGN. “There are villains by virtue of choices that people make but they always begin as humans, as characters. As flawed people; as tragic people.”

Arad added, “And everybody’s looking for redemption; they’re unforgiven. Would you see one of the Sinister Six starting to feel like that? Yes. And people love it, by the way. They love when a villain finds his way back because we’re all very forgiving.”

As for Spider-Man, the producers are mummed about the hero’s presence in the villains’ movie. Arad admitted Spidey did bring them all together.

“As long as there’s that one thing in common: they’ll hate Spider-Man,” Arad said. “They’ll hate him because he’s so different from them. But then, you know when you sit by yourself somewhere and you think about it, they all had a different life at one time and that’s what’s so beautiful about the Spider-Man universe. They have amazing stories if you look at it.”

It was announced earlier this week that “Cabin in the Woods” director Drew Goddard will be helming “The Sinister Six” movie. The release date has not been locked down at this time.

Source: IGN

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