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Note: I did not make the above image. Someone else decided to divide them by the color of their “skin?” Scales? Fur? Gas, I guess sometimes? Rocks? Anyway…

Ladies and gentlemen… It is that time!… It is that time yet again!… That special time… for the most obvious news of the week… if not month… or year! (Like my new theme “song?”)

“This week’s obvious news of the week/month/year brought to you by Sherlock! If you want to learn anything, it’s a no shit, Sherlock.”

Today, the Pokemon Company’s CEO confirmed that the 2019 Pokemon games will feature “many” new Pokemon. Imagine that! New Pokemon in a new Pokemon game.

And that’s the obvious news of the week/month/year!…

ComicBook.com reports that not only did Tsunekazu Ishihara tell the Japanese publication Famitsu that the 2019 Pokemon games will have “many” new Pokemon, but they would also be aimed at experienced fans, not first-time gamers. Tsunekazu also boasted the games will also have better graphics than any Pokeman game, which, of course, is not hard unless you are stuck in the very earl 21st Century.

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This game in question is not Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Evee!, but rather the more traditional Pokemon game coming out the second half of 2019, considered the start of the “Gen 8” Pokemon games.

It is fascinating to hear a company who admits appealing to casual gamer as their strength, finally making a Pokemon game for experience gamers. I guess one could call The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, the Zelda game to hold your hand the least, so maybe Nintendo is growing up?

Are you more excited for this “Gen 8” Pokemon game coming in 2019 or the Pokemon: Let’s Go games which are basically remakes of Yellow for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com