– by Seth McDonald

Ascension of the Sith

The Pitch

A power struggle between Sith Lord and Sith apprentice.

In order to truly rule the galaxy, Darth Plagueis knows he must seize control. In order to do this, he concocts a plan to get this apprentice Darth Sidious into public service to gain control of the Senate. Plagueis must ensure Sidious is strong enough to conceal his power from those around him and any Jedi he might encounter. If Sidious, under his guidance, can move into a powerful position in the Senate, then they can start to manipulate events and prepare for the ascension of the Sith to power.

However Darth Sidious is a cunning and wily player, he plans his own ascension to Master of the Sith, so that one day he may rule the Galaxy himself rather than hand his power over to his Master. The relationship between Sith Lord and Sith apprentice is a dangerous balancing act, and both are playing a very dangerous hand in this game of risk and reward.


Set many years before The Phantom Menace, when the Republic was at relative peace. During this period, the Jedi numbered in the thousands and believed the Sith to be extinct. There are only two Sith, Darth Plagueis and his young apprentice Darth Sidious.

Again an unexplored timeline in Star Wars visual medium and would present the opportunity to see the Sith as they existed for almost a  thousand years, and explore just how Darth Sidious becomes the one to finally attain power after so many Sith Lords failed.

Why It Would Work

The Emperor/Darth Sidious is the one character that I have heard many fans say they would really like to see a prequel/backstory for. We know he somehow managed to hide right under the noses of everyone including the Jedi for years, and that he killed his old Master Darth Plagueis in his sleep. We know he trained Darth Maul from a very small child, but we have no idea exactly when Sidious ascended to Sith Lord in his timeline, for all we know it could have been just before The Phantom Menace.

This idea would be to have a younger actor portray the Sith apprentice making his plans and getting himself into the position we see him years later in The Phantom Menace. It would be a completely different way of looking at a Star Wars movie, one where you inevitably know what will happen, but not the how and why. Could Sidious have had another apprentice before Maul? There’s a lot of material to be explored here.

Perhaps even more intriguing, it could also be a lower budget affair with less characters and a more adult tone, like a House of Cards version of Star Wars.

Jabba’s Gambit

The Pitch

A crime family film starring the biggest gangster in the Star Wars universe. As close as Disney would let us get to The Godfather in space. Fans have seen through the Star Wars animated series that the influence of the Hutt family is not limited to Jabba, but that Jabba is probably the most ruthless.

Disney could, if handled correctly, make this both a great crime film and a great Star Wars film. Now, what the film would be about, well there are a plethora of possibilities to choose from. For example, I think a good place to start would be for Disney to base the film off of Jim Woodring’s Jabba the Hutt: The Art of the Deal. This Dark Horse comic anthology tells the story of Jabba’s rise to power, that eventually leads him and his underlings to rule Tatooine’s underworld, and establish the planet as his crime network’s headquarters.

The Hutt Gambit, a novel written by Ann C. Crispin covers the story of how Jabba and Han Solo came to be in business with each other. It is possible that Alden Ehrenreich is under contract for more than just the Han Solo movie, so it’s not out of the question that a film based on The Hutt Gambit is being discussed around the Disney table. Tales from Jabba’s Palace is another great resource from which Disney could pull ideas and stories from for the film.

The Timeline

Many options available here, Young Jabba’s rise to power, an established Jabba ruling Tatooine. Or around the timeline of Young Han Solo, meaning Alden Ehrenreich or Donald Glover could feature.

Why It Would Work

Jabba the Hut has had a Godfather-esque feel about him since we first seen him in Return of the Jedi (Yes, I still consider this as the first appearance of Jabba). The extent of Jabba’s power and influence is far reaching throughout the galaxy, but the finer points of Jabba’s life haven’t been explored on screen.

Even though Jabba has known connections to Boba Fett, having him in the film would be a bit predictable, especially when there is a good chance he may get his own film, or at the very least show up in the Han Solo stand-alone film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. A better idea would be to feature the bounty hunter Cad Bane as Jabba’s go-to guy. Cad Bane is a character many Star Wars fans would enjoy seeing in a live action film. He stole most every scene he was a part of in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

To clarify, we wouldn’t be against Boba Fett or Han Solo showing up in a Jabba the Hutt movie, it would just need to be done delicately and plans for Boba Fett must first be sorted out.

One obstacle involved making a movie about Jabba, since the character isn’t known to speak English (from what I understand he can, but finds it to be beneath him), Jabba’s dialogue would have to be presented through subtitles. While some fans may be fine with this, it is likely that this would be something that could turn the casual fan off the movie if the Hutt gangster was given the kind of screen time we are talking about here.

So there you have it, while there are many, many stories to pull out of a galaxy far, far away. This collection is a few we would like to see get made. Your suggestions are more than welcome in the comments!

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  • surethom

    Yes to all of them please.

  • gregory

    So… 5 more prequels?

    • Well we have no idea what happens in the next 2 movies. So it’s hard to go beyond just yet

  • Broian

    These look good to me. I would combine the Obi-Wan and Jabba movie to be the Yojimbo plot on Tatooine.

  • Moby85

    I like all of your ideas but Empire Academy is the best. In fact, I would go really bold and make that the horror genre film you guys have pined for! Meaning that while the cadet at the center of the story has issues with becoming a stormtrooper, our last shot is him fully brainwashed, psychologically scarred, and fully devoted to the Empire. No happy ending, a true satire darker even than a tragedy.

    • Seth McDonald

      Great way to end that film!

    • TheOct8pus

      George Lucas already made that movie: THX1138

      • Seth McDonald

        There is room for both!

  • Kronx

    You can take just about any part of the Star Wars universe and make a great film. That’s why the films have resonated for so long. They stoke the imagination, and I could kill quite a bit of time dreaming up adventures the characters could have.

    Do I think Boba Fett could’ve built IG-88 early on, only to have to rebel and try to kill him? Sure.

    Do I want to know how Cliegg Lars met Shmi and got injured by sandpeople? Sure.

    And so on…

  • Mad Barchetta

    “It would be a completely different way of looking at a Star Wars movie, one where you inevitably know what will happen, but not the how and why.” Well….not so much. We rather knew how Revenge of the Sith was going to go, with only the how and why to be told. Not saying it’s a bad idea, though.

    I could do without the Jabba idea, personally. I don’t relish listening to his garble-gook and reading subtitles for an entire movie. If he could speak English, that would be helpful. To me, anyway. But then he never really interested me as a character.

    I especially like the Obi-wan idea. Can’t help but note most of these ideas focus on dark-side characters.

    • We are both clearly evil at heart 😆

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Any KOTOR movie needs to include Revan.

    • RadicalAgnostic

      Because there aren’t enough Mary Sues in Star Wars.

  • the50sguystrikesback

    The ONE anthology movie I wanna see above all is…

    A well written (2 hour and 30 minute) movie that (mostly) rewrites the story of how Anakin became Darth Vader. I’m sorry, but the whiney, cry baby Anakin ‘they killed my mother’ Skywalker of the prequel trilogy COULD NOT have evolved into the beast that sliced and diced his way through Rebel soldiers in the last 90 seconds of ‘Rogue One’. (I just don’t buy it)

    Cast Chris Hemsworth as Anakin, keep MacGregor and McDiarmid as Obi
    Wan and Palpatine. The rest you can recast OR don’t bother writing in.

  • Jeremy Alexander

    I don’t want to see any of that prequel crap. I want them to move the timeline forward a few hundred years to see the fallout from the Skywalker legacy and how the galaxy has changed.