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Well, some weeks are busier than others, but I always have something in store for you. This week comes with more Episode IX rumors including one about our favorite “not the last Jedi” Luke Skywalker, and a new superweapon… Starkiller Base II anyone?


We’ve heard about rumors of Luke coming back as a Force ghost in some capacity for the upcoming conclusion to the saga that carries his name, not just rumors but it only makes sense given the way he went out in Episode VIII. I mean, that line “see you around kid” couldn’t be for nothing right? There have been absolutely no instances of one movie setting something up for it to not pay out in the next one, right? Well, now we get a rumor of a possible fight between Luke and a red lightsaber-wielding bad guy.

YouTuber Mike Zeroh is claiming sources have described to him the following scene:

“A description of Luke Skywalker inside of a hut, that leads to a tunnel. This may or may not be Ahch-To. Luke is holding an ignited green lightsaber. Behind Luke stands a black figure with red hues, wielding a red lightsaber. It appears to be wearing a robe and a hood over its head. Luke turning around and looking at the figure. The figure comes closer to Luke to the point where Luke takes a strike at the figure, only for it to vanish and reappear in back of him again. The figure draws itself closer to Luke, takes a swing with its lightsaber at Luke before it crumbles to the ground into nothing.”

Sound exciting? Maybe. I am one of those that felt there was not much wrong with Luke’s portrayal in The Last Jedi, but I do agree that he was underutilized. I really wanted him to face someone in a REAL lightsaber fight and I can’t help but think how much greater that throne room fight could have been with Luke involved too. I know it would have messed with the purpose of the scene as it is, but… damn it would have looked amazing-er.

As for this scene specifically, there’s no description of whether this is a flashback or present time event. It would be weird for Luke’s ghost to be hanging around Ach-To, but he could be on the jungle planet that has been described in other purported leaks. My biggest fear is that this will be an attempt to add a new subplot or character to the Sequel Trilogy. I have stated before how much I don’t want this movie to “fix” TLJ, but I am okay with Luke, ghost or otherwise, being a big part of Episode IX.

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If I were writing this movie and had to use the described scene, my setup would be that Luke is on Rey’s journey with her when they encounter the Knights of Ren. This shadowy figure is one of the Knights using the Force projection technique Luke did Crait. Luke would fight this projection while Rey fights a corporeal baddie in an amazing scene that would make the throne room scene look like it was shot by a first grader on an iPhone 4s. I wouldn’t make this a major plot point, but a cool action sequence en route to the plot point.


Who loved the Death Star? What about the 2nd Death Star? Okay, okay… who was totally stoked about the 3rd Death Sta er I mean Starkiller base? Well, hold onto your butts because we’re getting another superweapon… Maybe.

Once again Express comes through with leaks galore and this one describes Kylo looking at holograms of three super weapons that are cylindrical in shape, have engines on either side and a large weapon on the bottom of each one. The weapons are destroying terrain on a planet with an extreme amount of violence it seems. Do these sound vaguely familiar? If you’re thinking of the Expanded Universe’s World Devastators you wouldn’t be alone.


These weapons were used to devastate the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac in the EU. They used tractor beams to rip apart what was below them, suck up resources, and build starfighters and droids to further the carnage being inflicted.

On the one hand, we’re not getting Death Star 4.0, but on the other, we’re still dealing with a superweapon that must be destroyed. I mean the Original Trilogy followed the big weapon, big ship, big weapon formula so why not the Sequel Trilogy? Honestly, they could use these in this movie and it wouldn’t have to be a big deal. Just because something is huge and destructive doesn’t mean they have to be the focus of the movie. I can see a scenario where these are being used at the beginning of the film when the new Rebellion shows up to take them on and liberate a helpless planet. The leak does describe the weapons as operating in the hologram Kylo is looking at, and that could fit in at the beginning of the film.

Well, that does it for this week, everyone. I hope you’ve been enjoying this column. Please let me know what you would like to see added or done with this thing. I will be reintroducing my rotating topics next week as part of my new Last Call segment here every Thursday.

What do you think about these two rumors? Do you have any way in which you would incorporate them into Episode IX? Let me know in the comments below. May the Force be with You!

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SOURCES: Mike Zeroh, Express

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