– by Stephon White

I’m Stephon White and this is I’d Buy That For A Dollar! Each week, we visit our local Dollar Tree and dive into the DVD and Blu-Ray bargain bin. Are the movies we find worth the dollar we spent to take them home? You’ll have to find out each week!

This week, fellow LRM Online writer Kyle Malone, and I discuss the 2010 Guy Moshe-directed film Bunraku. The film has an impressive starting lineup of talent involved featuring Lucky Number Slevin’s Josh Hartnett, Venom’s Woody Harrelson, Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker’s Gackt, Moonwalkers’ Ron Perlman, and Ghost’s Demi Moore.

Here’s the synopsis:

In a future society where guns are illegal, a fist-fighter (Josh Hartnett) and a swordsman (Gackt) pummel and slash their way through a reclusive leader’s army of thugs. Now onward to the discussion.

Time to find out if this film is worth a dollar.

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