A Taste Of The Cosplay At Denver Comic-Con 2018

Denver Comic-Con 2018 has come and gone, taking place two weekends ago, from Friday June 15 through Sunday June 17.  Unfortunately, my other job became a pain in the ass, post DCC, so I’m only now getting to posting the best cosplay that me and Jace from The Comic Source were able to catch.

Denver Comic-Con was far crazier than last year, so walkways were too tight to get many good photos on Saturday, and of course awesome costumes slip away whenever you stop to talk to a comic book artist, buy some art, or eat. But, here’s what we got…

Note: If you want a rundown of what we did and which comic book writers and artists we met at DCC, check out this podcast from The Comic Source from me and Jace.

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I didn’t just see the Thing, I escorted him to the upper floor of the Colorado Convention Center to meet Ron Wilson, known best for drawing this character many decades ago… you will see more of our journey later, as we had to stop for photos… a lot.

19th century, female Captain America and Winter Soldier! Radical!

Go, Joe! Character from G.I. Joe, I presume? When I took the picture I thought she was part of Marvel’s Serpent Society, but that belt is a Cobra logo, yeah? I’m not so good with my G.I. Joe

One of the many Deathstrokes we saw this year. There may have been more Slade Wilsons than Wade Wilsons… nah… that’s impossible!

A random dude and an angel… Of death? Is this Maleficent or something? Let me know!

A good Harley Quinn! Far less Harley Quinns than last year, but that’s for the better. I hate the Suicide Squad “Hot Topic” Harley Quinn look, lazy and not cool, cause it’s not comic “booky” at all!

Before we caught this guy, I told Jace, “Dude, there is a Kylo Renn that looks just like Adam Driver!” Jace missed him, but later saw him and said, “That must be the guy!” The cosplay he was born to sport. If he losses an arm he can cosplay Logan Lucky next year!

Beauty and the Beast? Nah, both the costumes are a thing of beauty!

  A damn good Catwoman. Just in time for Batman’s big wedding in the comics!

 Hela and Logan! Marvel Universes collide! Hela was totally a top three most seen costume for women this year… and one man.

This one made my other friend who also attended almost pee his pants. He hates clowns… though I did make him watch IT. Even as a woman, Pennywise is not sexy! Scary!

What a surprise… Star Trek.

 The Thing and The Thing artist Ron Wilson, ladies and gentlemen. Though Wilson doesn’t remember the “Rocky Grimm: Space Ranger” story-line he drew that Jace and I covered for The Comic Source in our Secret Wars Chronology podcast

A lot of Silent Bob cosplayers are going to be out of a job next year because Kevin Smith is getting so skinny. Well, there’s always Chronic, of “Bluntman and Chronic.”

Our first appearance of X-Men! Gambit and Storm! With awesome eyes! She almost started a tornado! Gambit was fairly popular, so maybe making that film is just what the doctor ordered.

Another freed Wookie, though Chewbacca he is not… quite.

A DC power team! One of the many Wonder Womans (Women?) we saw, alongside a gender swapped Nightwing, Poison Ivy, and an amazing Red Hood!

I was so excited to see my first bearded Cap, that I asked him while he was washing his hands in the bathroom if I could snap a picture… once we left the bathroom.

My giant Thing and a tiny member of the Incredibles? Is he an older Jack Jack? A Young Dash? Either way, comic-con is better than Halloween for a kid these days.

Not just a Batman… Beyond.

Now that’s a team of X-Men! Though it is easy to be impressed with the incredible Magneto, with the perfect pose, and Juggernaut, try not to miss that Gambit’s card lights up! Game-changer, if you want to play Gambit next con…

Terrifying kid representing Five Nights At Freddy’s.

Two scary soldier dudes. Fallout? Call of Duty? The Division? They’ve got to be from something like that…

A Winter Soldier Captain America would actually be down to kiss!

I though I was getting a weird take on Captain America. But when he put on his helmet, I realized we had a Captain America Scout Trooper on our hands!

Soon, this will all be yours, Disney…

He was totally tall enough to be a Storm Trooper.

Paul Rudd must already be using his Giant Man abilities, as this Ant-Man was too tall!

Spawn, James Spawn? (Depends who is under the mask, I suppose… maybe Jane)

Another Wonder Woman. #1 most seen woman’s costume at DCC. Obviously. Thank, God, they’ve overtaken the Harley Quinns!

“Mr. Thing, I don’t feel so good…”

How often do you get to see Deadman, aka Boston Brand?  Not. Very. Often.

“What do you want to do tonight, Brain?”

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

There were two Bob Ross Deadpools this year, but not one Cable with an unfinished, green screen arm! I should have done that…

 What do you see?

Edward Nigma. The Riddler! Riddle me this…

LANDO! LANDO CALRISSIAN!!! New school Lando, of course. One classy fellow. With capes to die for…

And The Emperor himself… looking excellent for someone who died in the ’80s!

Now, Fox does own all these characters already. Getting any ideas over there for a crossover, Fox?

Not from the”Big Two!” Woody! (I guess Spawn isn’t either…)

Widow and Cap, always together…

Jack Skellington, my boy!

I wonder who she is?

This is all well and good, but does it mean Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred didn’t make it? There are too many monsters to unmask here! Be careful!

There’s one! Dr. Doom came back from last year. I hope I see ya’ in 2019, before you see me at least, buddy.

Never thought I’d see a Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess… But here we are. And she has the Infinity Gauntlet! Oh, snap!

I guess the Guardians were too late to stop her… Saw plenty of cool Yondus, many, many Gamoras, but Star-Lord was the most overdone costume at the show this year. Most people just wore the jacket… lazy…

Shiek and Dark Link? With my friend photo-bombing us all.

Another Ivy and an even more classic Harley! Love it.

Ain’t she a Peach? And the other one a Daisy?

Well, that about wraps it up. Like I said, so many missed opportunities, as there were far better costumes that we couldn’t catch.

But hopefully I will be back at Denver Comic-Con 2019 next year, May 31 – June 2nd, 2019! Will you join me?

Did you attend Denver Comic-Con this year? Have any good cosplay photos of your own? Let us know in the comment section below!

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