Jefferson White Takes the Reins as Host of the Official Yellowstone Podcast [Exclusive Interview]

Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone. Courtesy of Paramount.

Attention Yellowstone fans! Have you herd the news? The official companion podcast hosted by Jefferson White is out now!

L-R: Yellowstone actors Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly and host Jefferson White. Photo Credit Ben Trivett (2021) courtesy Paramount Network, 101 Studios

If you’re a Yellowstone devotee like myself then this new podcast is just for you. Saddle up and tune in to the podcast about the Paramount Network’s show on the biggest ranch in Montana as it’s dissected and analyzed by everybody’s favorite cowboy in training, Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by actor Jefferson White (The Twilight Zone, The Alienist).

The Official Yellowstone Podcast premieres this month on all major podcast platforms. The show was recorded at the state-of-the-art sound studio inside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the shows presenting sponsor.

Many of the cast members were in Las Vegas for the premiere of the Yellowstone origin series, 1883, and had the opportunity to sit down with Jefferson White and talk about their experience on set and life on the Dutton Ranch. Along with Yellowstone, the podcast will take a deep dive into 1883, and feature interviews and insights from cast and crew members like Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Cole Hauser, the shows co-creator Taylor Sheridan, and many more.

Iowa native Jefferson White was not familiar to the cowboy lifestyle of ranchin’, ridin’, and rodeo before he was cast as Jimmy in Yellowstone, the affable bronc rider with lots of lessons to learn. He is a curious and enthusiastic host who is now fully immersed in western culture. After four seasons on Yellowstone, he’s becoming a conscious cowboy who appreciates the little things in life. Jefferson is asking all the right questions in his interviews and it’s obvious he’s passionate about this project and is grateful for the lessons he’s learning on set.  Watch out Rogan, step back Stern, Jefferson White is taking over!

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Listen to the first episode here:

The first episode is nuthin’ but Dutton!  Jefferson checks in with actors Luke Grimes (“Kayce Dutton) and Wes Bentley (“Jamie Dutton”) who play the Dutton brothers on the show. The actors peel back the layers of their characters and also give some of their own personal background on how they got started in show business. Episode 2 was released last week and Jefferson chats with actors Cole Hauser (“Rip Wheeler”) and Kelly Reilly (“Beth Dutton”) about their compelling on-screen relationship.

Courtesy of Paramount.

The podcast is produced by 101 Studios, MTV Studios, and the Paramount + Network. The Official Yellowstone Companion Podcast can be found streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Stitcher, and more.

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Jefferson checked in from his place in Brooklyn to talk about the Official Yellowstone Companion Podcast, the 1883 premiere, and what it’s like working on the hit show.  Read the exclusive interview below:

Jake Perry: Good morning, Jefferson.

Jefferson White: Hey Jake, how you doing, man?

Jake Perry: I’m so excited to be talking to the host of the Official Yellowstone Podcast. Congratulations!

Jefferson White: Thanks man. It’s been a wild ride and thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. I so appreciate it.

(L-R) Sam Elliott and Tim McGraw attend Paramount+ and 101 Studios world premiere of \”1883\” at Wynn Las Vegas on December 11, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)”

Jake Perry: My pleasure. So you just recorded most of the Official Yellowstone Podcast at the Wynn in Las Vegas and you went to the 1883 premiere. That’s great. Plus, you were in Las Vegas at the same time as the National Finals Rodeo. That just must have been cowboy overload for you.

Jefferson White: It was incredible, man. What a wild weekend. Also, just getting the chance to see the first two episodes of 1883. That’s a show I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard about it just as a fan of Yellowstone, and it lives up to the hype. It’s really spectacular and getting the chance to talk to that cast about their experience of making it because making it has been its own incredible journey. I feel so lucky to have been there and also just so grateful to Vegas for such a warm welcome.

Jake Perry: And that was your first time in Vegas too, huh?

Jefferson White: Yeah, man. Lot of firsts for me. I’m new to all this stuff. So it’s been really, really wild.

Jake Perry: Yeah, man. It’s really been nice to see your character Jimmy transform from a troubled kid into this authentic cowboy who’s always learning. And as a viewer, I feel like I’m right there along with you just like part of this learning process and growing right along with you so congratulations, man. You’re making the character real authentic and just a very likable character.

35 mm behind the scenes photo by Jefferson White.

Jefferson White: Thanks bro. I mean, a lot of that I think is that, I’m really learning this stuff alongside Jimmy. In the same way that Jimmy’s new to ranching, he’s new to cowboying, he’s new to rodeo, that’s also very much true of me too. I’ve really been just kind of scrambling to keep up over the course of the last four years. So I’m lucky that Jimmy’s not supposed to be great at it. He’s just supposed to be learning. He’s just supposed to be in process because that means I don’t have to fake a whole lot. I get to fuck up and stumble along myself.

Jake Perry: Yes, that helps. In Yellowstone, we really learn about the cowboy culture and just the discipline it takes to do this job. So you’ve been doing this for a couple seasons now. I know you’re really immersed in the lifestyle. What have you learned from playing a cowboy that you now incorporate into your own life?

Jefferson White: I mean there’s so much. It really is cowboying, ranching, rodeo. That’s kind of a lifelong commitment. A lot of these guys, they hopped up on horses as soon as they could walk basically. So coming to this later in life, I really am trying to sort of take the lessons that I can and, and bring them back to New York City with me. And one of those things is just like being sort of deliberate and careful and, yeah, deliberate about everything you do.

Jefferson and Ryan Bingham on the set of Yellowstone. Courtesy of Paramount.

Something that Ryan Bingham says, something I learned from Ryan who’s been, rodeoing his whole life. He says “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, which I appreciate. I think it’s a lesson that I’ve sort of tried to carry with me because cowboying, a lot of this stuff, rodeo starts before you’re up on the horse. You’re saddling your horse. You’re sort of going through all these little motions, these little steps to take care of yourself in the long run. And that’s something I’m really trying to incorporate into my everyday life, just appreciating the little things, appreciating the quiet and the stillness in a world that is moving so quickly and accelerating so rapidly, it’s been an incredible opportunity to just slow down and appreciate the little things.

Courtesy of Paramount.

Jake Perry: Just go out there and take in that nice scenery of Montana.

Jefferson White: It’s beautiful. Yeah. It’s really incredible. So that’s been such a gift in and of itself just getting to spend time in Montana out in the mountains and lakes and yeah, that’s been a really remarkable opportunity.

Jake Perry: One thing you just brought up, Ryan Bingham. I wasn’t aware that so many people on the show are actually real ranch hands or authentic Cowboys. Even Ryan, he’s a real musician and we get to see him playing his music. So that’s just another thing I’m just impressed by in this show, you think everything is the writing and actors but no, these guys are the real deal and they’re making it real authentic. It’s awesome. I’m loving the show!

Jefferson White: Thanks, man. Yeah. That’s I think that’s Taylor’s incredible gift. Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, he brought together a team of actors and real life Cowboys. So Forrie J. Smith who plays Lloyd grew up in the rodeo, he’s a champion bronc rider. Mo Brings Plenty who plays Mo grew up in this world, rodeoing, ranching, riding, same for Ryan Bingham, same obviously for Jake Ream, who plays Jake. We’re just surrounded by guys who’ve been living this life their whole lives and I think that kind of brings a feeling of authenticity to it that people have really responded to.

Courtesy of Paramount.

Jake Perry: Yes, you are definitely surrounded by the best of the best, whether it’s the actors or the cowboys. you get the best of both worlds. The best people are training you and teaching you, and you’re there to learn so what a great experience this must be for you.

Jefferson White: Yeah. And it’s been amazing, through working on this podcast, the Official Yellowstone Podcast, one of the great gifts of that has been the opportunity to dig a little deeper and sort of deepen that learning with people that have been teaching me for years. I do so much learning through observation on set. I do through so much learning from watching Forrie, from watching Cole Hauser act, from watching Kevin Costner act, and then the podcast has been this incredible opportunity to actually just sit down and talk to these actors, these members of our crew and creative team and just learn from them in a very sort of direct pointed way and really dig into their process.

Jake Perry: Yeah. Yes. I’m looking forward to the episode with Rip Wheeler. I just can’t picture that guy out of character.

Jefferson White: Yeah. he’s a force in real life too. I mean, Cole Hauser who plays Rip. Rip is a leader; he protects and takes care of everyone around him. And he’s sometimes a hard ass and that’s definitely true of Cole Hauser too. Cole Hauser tirelessly advocates to protect the cast to sort of fight on our behalf and he is also just an incredible leader for all of us in the bunkhouse. We really look up to Cole as a leader and he really takes good care of us on those long, cold nights in November in Montana.

Interviewer Jake Perry showing off some of the 1883 premiere goodies.

Jake Perry: Sure does. So I’ve been watching the show. I’m deep in season four, as far as we can get. I saw a couple of episodes of 1883. If you can see my profile picture Jefferson, I’m trying to go full cowboy. I got some Wranglers but I need to know from you, you started off as an Iowa kid and now, you’re in this show, what’s the cowboy starter pack? What are the essentials? I need to know the best brand to have. Do these cowboy boots fit like a Nike? I’m shopping online, this is the information I need to know.

Jefferson White: You look great, man. I mean, I think the trick here, and this is a lesson that I’ve been learning the hard way, is it’s so much more about confidence than anything else. Every time we go out to Montana, I end up buying a bunch of Pearl snap shirts and hats and boots and everything. And then I just don’t have the confidence to rock them back in Brooklyn. It feels like so much of the cowboy swagger is just confidence and the boots. The boots are a big one.

Courtesy of Paramount.

Jefferson White: When I first went out to Utah to start working on the show four years ago, I didn’t really know that cowboy boots and hats were… People actually wore them. That was a real thing. But the boots have this heel that locks into the stirrup so you really need boots to ride and you really need a hat because you’re sitting in the sun all day, every day for the most part. So all these things, they have a real practical application in addition to looking cool as hell.

Jake Perry: Hell yeah. So I guess just to wrap things up here, you’re working with some great actors, like Kevin Costner. And you got to probably interview Sam Elliott for the podcast, that’s just amazing. But last question, we just saw the scene with you and some horse breeding seemed very authentic. Now, tell me a little bit about that scene. How many takes was that? Were you nervous doing that? Was that a real horse?

Jefferson White: Yeah, that was a funny one so that one, nothing fake there, that’s a real horse. That’s a real process that they do hundreds of times a day on a big working ranch like that. And the 6666 is in real life, one of the biggest oldest, most prestigious horse training facilities and cattle ranches in the world. So for me, (laughs) dumb old Jimmy just stumbling through his life, that was a pretty wild experience. We did one take of it, a bunch of vet techs, a bunch of really talented, trained real life vet techs sort of walked me through it before we shot it. But then we did exactly one take of it and that one take is in the show.

Jake Perry: One and done.

Jefferson White: One and done.

Jake Perry: So do you and the horse still keep in touch?

Jefferson White: Yeah. We still keep in touch. Exactly. We’re going to try to get together when I’m back in Texas next week.

Jake Perry: (laughs) Excellent. Hey Jefferson, thank you so much. It’s an honor. I look forward to listening to the rest of the episodes of the podcast and I can’t wait to see the rest of the TV show. Take care brother. Happy holidays.

Jefferson White: Thanks, I appreciate it. Good to meet you. Bye now.

Jefferson White is also talented behind the camera, follow his Instagram account @_JeffersonWhite to see his personal collection of behind-the-scenes photography.  Be sure to listen to the Official Yellowstone Podcast and watch Yellowstone and 1883 on Paramount +.

Who else is asking Santa for cowboy boots this Christmas?




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