– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Disney sure does know how to drip-feed us information for all their movies. As of this writing, we’ve seen two teasers and one full trailer for their upcoming live-action adaptation, Aladdin. The new take on the animated classic will see the world of Agrabah realized in a whole new way, and with it, the characters themselves will also be portrayed as they never have before (unless you’ve been to California Adventure).

So far, a lot of attention has been placed on Will Smith’s take on the Genie — so much so that many of us have forgotten about an important one: Iago. I’ll admit, it wasn’t until I saw that trailer earlier today, and saw Iago flying behind the door of one shot of Jafar heading into a room that I even realized we’d been missing Iago. And how would he be portrayed? Would he just be a bird or would he be sentient?

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Well, THR‘s new casting news pretty much answers that question. According to them, the character that Gilbert Gottfried made famous in the animated original will be voiced by Disney favorite Alan Tudyk, who has been involved in their animated films for many years now in different capacities. There’s no word on how the character will be portrayed, but given the studio’s tendency to skew closer to the source material, I’m expecting him to be just as grating, hilarious, and wise-cracking as he was before.

This isn’t the only bird Tudyk has played in recent memory. If you’ll recall, he also played the incredibly stupid rooster Hey-Hey in the animated film Moana a couple years back. So this’ll be just like riding a horse for him.

Are you happy to see Tudyk returning to Disney for another role? Sound off in the comments!

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