– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Amy Schumer’s career has been the very definition of a rollercoaster ride these last few years. The comedian made a big splash a couple of years ago thanks to her raucous, raunchy stand-up comedy, which helped her land her very own series on Comedy Central. INSIDE AMY SCHUMER became a big hit for the network, and soon Schumer was everywhere. From starring in her own hit film, TRAINWRECK– which earned stellar reviews and made a killing at the box office- to starring in a Super Bowl commercial alongside Seth Rogen, she quickly became a star to look out for. 

But, amidst it all, there’s also been some serious low points. For starters, she was rocked by accusations of joke-stealing from fellow comedians- which, in that world, is a big no-no. A viral campaign was launched, depicting how she was allegedly ripping off other people’s jokes, and even recycling sketches from other shows on INSIDE AMY SCHUMER. Marc Maron, of the popular WTF podcast- and one of the comics she supposedly ripped off- famously came to her defense in the middle of that. More recently, one of her writers came under fire for some extremely lewd, insensitive remarks the victims of alleged rape.

Schumer, seemingly tired of constantly having a bullseye on her back and having to answer to writer Kurt Metzger’s actions, has abruptly called it quits.

On Twitter yesterday, Schumer announced that “we are not making the show anymore.”

Here’s the exchange she had with fans:

That second tweet is a retweet by Schumer, where a fan says they’ll miss INSIDE AMY SCHUMER. It’s a notable retweet because it means Schumer is making it very clear: The show is done. Go ahead and miss it.

This doesn’t mean Schumer isn’t busy with other projects in the pipeline. She’s working on a film that she’s set to star in, and co-write, with Jennifer Lawrence. There are also plenty of Hollywood magnates, like Judd Apatow, who think the world of her. So, while INSIDE AMY SCHUMER may have met an abrupt end, it would appear that she’s just going to transition into the film world. She’s also still actively touring as a stand-up.

During its four season run, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER picked up an Emmy and a Peabody Award.

SOURCE: Twitter

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