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There seems to have been a slow rollout of Evangeline Lilly’s outfit as the Wasp. At the end of the first Ant-Man film, we saw that Hank Pym had upgraded it, and that it was only a matter of her taking up the mantle of the Wasp, after decades of being denied the opportunity. Though, while that tease was cool, we knew that would likely not be her finished outfit in the film’s sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Marvel Studios has a proud tradition of changing up outfits multiple times over the course of one to two movies. Ant-Man’s outfit had already changed between Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War, and there was no reason to expect anything different for the Wasp.

This was confirmed when we saw the following photo of Evangeline Lilly, shared via Twitter by the actress herself last month:

Clearly, the color was already different, and they had added sleeves onto the outfit, but what about the helmet? The look of the helmet had all but eluded us.

Until now.

The folks over at Just Jared, who seem to specialize in set creeping, have snapped some photos of Evangeline Lilly.

In these full body shots, we get a first look at the new helmet and mask. Like the outfit itself, it very much resembles the mask we saw at the end of Ant-Man in terms of its shape and overall look. The color is darker — same as the rest of the outfit — and it also looks like they have some horns on the ears that were missing before. Not sure what those horns are for, but they do help in giving her a more insect-like appearance, which I’m sure they were going for somewhat.

On the whole, it’s a slick look for her, and is very much in keeping with the updated look of Ant-Man, and the rest of the MCU.

What do you think of the Wasp’s look? Let us know down below!

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6, 2018.

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SOURCE: Just Jared

  • Moby85

    I don’t like the new suit. The bronze makes it seem kind of dull. This is unfortunate, as the suit as shown at the end of the original film with the gold looks much, much better in my opinion.

  • M@rvel

    I like the helmet, but yeah still not digging the color scheme… She’s a WOSP. black and yellow is all you need…. Last time I checked wasps don’t have any red or blue on them….

    • Kronx

      Tachypompilus unicolor

      • M@rvel

        I don’t see any blue on those… plus I’m comparing the suit to the comic version

  • Barry Meltfarb

    “Walter Goggins”.

  • Eli

    Not digging the new suit. Oh well.

  • Saranac

    Based on the “science” of the movie she needs to be protected throughout, so the sleeve-less look is cool – but doesn’t work in the right way… As to color, they should have stuck with the gold – as it stands out and we might that in some scenes…

  • Victor Roa

    I’m so happy to see Wasp, I can understand studios getting rid these types of characters, but I feel it fleshes out the world to her along with Falcon, Cosmo and Howard the Duck.

  • underdogchamp

    I prefer the elegance of the suit as displayed in the first Ant-Man. The new one is a bit too paramilitary which is becoming a little rote in the MCU. When I think Wasp, I think swift and agile. New uni doesn’t convey that to me.

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