– by Campbell Clark

To be honest, after the recent extended first look at Aquaman, there really isn’t much of anything new to see in this shorter teaser trailer. I certainly didn’t catch the conversation between Nicole Kidman and her son aka Arthur Curry from any of the other trailers so far, but maybe I just can’t recall it?

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I’m not sure that it’s the best marketing to release a very short teaser just after you release a hella long extended trailer. But hey, I’m no marketing expert. If anyone from WB does read this though, then for me, you had me with the first trailer. The gorgeous and unique looking underwater visual effects have pretty much already confirmed me being in the theatre on opening weekend, because if nothing else it looks like extreme eye candy.

Sure, it could look phenomenal and still have all the charm of a Fox Fantastic Four movie and it would still be awful, but marketing is about getting your behind in a seat as quickly as possible. So far WB have nailed the trailers for me, so job done.

I do have some faith that James Wan will deliver something fun and exciting and at this point, that’s about all I want from a DCEU movie. The hit rate for me personally has been very low and I hope that Aquaman is the one to turn that trend around. Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21.

Have you been sold on Aquaman from what you’ve seen so far, or are you still hurting from Justice League? Make waves within the ocean of opinions in the usual place below as always.

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