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Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Out of all the Justice League characters, there is one that stands out more than the others. I’m talking about Aquaman. While all the others are land-dwellers, the outlier certainly is the King of Atlantis, whose home is nestled at the bottom of the ocean floor. As such, his priorities are certainly a whole lot different from everyone else. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why the character has such a hard time connecting with the mainstream. Between shows like Family Guy and Entourage, he’s the one who’s generally the butt of a lot of jokes.

That’s not to say Aquaman isn’t a bona fide badass. He is. Those who read the comics know he is. Regardless, even if you take out that factor, there’s no denying he would be the Justice League member at odds with the others, for something that benefits humans may not be the something that benefits the Atlanteans.

It’s with this particular “outcast” idea that actor Jason Momoa connects with this character. I know, when we seem someone like Momoa, the first thought isn’t “tortured soul,” but he seems to be coming at the character from a great point of view. In an interview posted by the Twitter account @LegoIasWayne (via Comicbook.com), Momoa discusses this human connection, wherein, like Aquaman, he had a hard time connecting with people as an outsider.

“How I identify with that is kind of being…a bit of an outcast. You see, he wasn’t really too accepted…I wasn’t too accepted. There weren’t any races where I grew up. There’s no Chinese, no Mexican, no Black. I grew up in Iowa. I graduated with like 100 people. I was born in Hawaii, so I would go see my father…[I] just wasn’t accepted on the local side by some people because I wasn’t raised in Hawaii. I identify as being that outcast and not really fitting into two different worlds.”

Comic fans will know that Arthur Curry, while king of Atlantis, is a man of two worlds himself. Born half-human and half-Atlantean, he’s always destined to come at things from a completely different perspective. This is something that I imagine will bring discussions to blows with other Justice League members, but you can’t very well be the Justice League without protecting the interests of the sea-dwellers, can you?

What do you think of Momoa’s comments? Does this get you more excited about his upcoming portrayal in Justice League? Let us know in the comments down below!

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: LegoIas Wayne (via Comicbook.com)

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