– by Stephon White

Aquaman swam past the competition to earn some hulking $300 million dollars domestically. That’s impressive for any film. In the case of Aquaman, it’s doubly impressive since the film was, in fact, swimming upstream against a current of negative DC news. First, there was Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel that did not, in fact, have the impact fans had hoped for, and in fact split fans into factions.

Were you a fan of the wanton destruction caused by the neck snapping Superman? Whether you were or not, you may have been hopeful director Zack Snyder was ready to right the course of this franchise with the massively hyped Batman V Superman. Unfortunately, by this point, fans were either in group A which was pro-moms named Martha or group B who stood vehemently against the divisive scene.

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Thanks to Batman V Superman, we were first introduced to the dreamy Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. We also met the rest of the League. Unfortunately, after the Frankenstein like Justice League had been released It looked like the future for DC superhero films had all but dried up. Other than Wonder Woman. She was the only member of the league who had an intro film that was well received.

So what happened next? Well, the next was history. Aquaman was like the loan large-mouth bass whose mommy fish would whisper the story the little engine that could into its ear. (Do fish have ears?) Because boy Aquaman dodged and outmaneuvered the negative stream of news until it made it to the hallowed spawning grounds. At this point we’re getting a sequel, right? It also managed to net an impressive $300 million dollars domestically — not to mention the $1 billion-plus worldwide. So Aquaman, the little fish that could. I’d hold a glass up and toast to this film if I could. It certainly reinvigorated a fan base that may have found DC’s previous superhero big screen outings to be a little dry.

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