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Are There Any Disney and Pixar Movies About Horses?

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Horses have left their mark on humanity, which is why we see these majestic creatures everywhere around us, even in movies. It is safe to say that we wouldn’t be here without horses, and over the years, horses have created a special bond with humans.

Back in the day, humans used horses for transportation and agriculture, but those days are gone. Even though we don’t use horses for such things anymore, this doesn’t mean that they are not part of our culture and tradition.

On top of that, horses always symbolized power, strength, freedom, endurance, and loyalty. This is why most Disney films include horses, even if you haven’t noticed it.

Over the years, we’ve seen many horse characters from Pixar and Disney, and even though they play a supportive role in most of the films, we still have a few that focus only on these beautiful animals.

Let’s dive deeper and uncover some of the most popular Disney horse characters.

Iconic Horses in Disney and Pixar Movies

There are plenty of horse characters in Disney and Pixar movies, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Bullseye (Toy Story Series)

Film Appearances: Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Toy Story 4

Have you ever heard the phrase “Run like the wind Bullseye”? Well, this line comes from Toy Story 3. For the people that don’t know, Bullseye is Woody’s trusty horse partner, who has quite a vibrant personality, and it is one of the most loyal horses in the world. 

He is always ready for an adventure with Woody and the rest of the toys, and its appearance in Toy Story movies made the series more heartwarming due to their connection. 

Maximus (Tangled)

Film Appearances: Tangled, Tangled Ever After (short)

Horses can also be funny and entertaining, and the movie Tangled is the perfect example. Here, we have Maximus, a popular horse name from the past. We even have “I am Maximus” in the world of horse racing, which is still active today, and throughout his career, the horse has won more than 12 times and has accumulated more than $1 million.

Maybe Disney inspired people to name the horse, but who knows? I Am Maximus is still racing today, and he is dominating. So, the next time you are placing an exacta bet, make sure to include this horse.

If you don’t know what Exacta bet is, check out TwinSpires.

But back to Disney’s Maximus, this is a horse that has a sense of justice and a very funny rivalry with Flynn Rider.

It is definitely one of the most hilarious horses in Disney movies.

Philippe (Beauty and the Beast)

Film Appearances: Beauty and the Beast (1991), Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Character Highlights: Belle’s loyal companion, Philippe, may not have a large role, but he’s essential in leading Belle to the Beast’s castle. His bravery and loyalty help move the story forward.

Pixar’s Contribution

Pixar might not have as many horse-centric movies as Disney, but it has made a memorable impact:

Flicka (2006)

Here we have a Disney movie based on the novel “My Friend Flicka”, and this is not an animated movie. This is a movie with real actors that tells the story of a young girl and her bond with a wild Mustang, and you’ve guessed it, it’s called Flicka.

It is a classic human-horse bond movie that shares their emotional connection and understanding for each other. 

Horse-Centric Disney Films

Although there are plenty of horses in Disney movies, most of them don’t take the spotlight. However, there are plenty of Disney movies that focus only on horses, such as:

Black Beauty (2020)

Black Beauty is an adaptation of Anna Sewell’s classic novel and features Kate Winslet as the voice of Black Beauty. Here, we have another story about a wild horse from the American West that develops a special connection with a girl named Jo.

It is quite a standard and easygoing drama family movie that is perfect for some casual watch.

Secretariat (2010)

Finally, we have a movie about the hard-core, thrilling action of horse racing as a sport, and Disney is behind it. We have the movie about the Secretariat, the greatest horse that the world has ever seen.

This movie follows the journey of Penny Chenery as she enters the world of horse racing for the first time, but with a horse that will enter the history books as the fastest horse that ever lived.

The movie focuses on Secretariat’s incredible record-setting Triple Crown victory in 1973, where the horse set times that still remain unbeaten.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)

This historical film is based on the story of Justin Morgan and his horse, Figure, who becomes the foundation sire of the Morgan horse breed. It’s a fascinating look into early American history and horse breeding.

It’s one of those films that educates while it entertains, perfect for history buffs and horse lovers alike.

Ready to Run (2000)

This film tells the story of a girl named Corrie Ortiz who dreams of becoming a jockey despite her father’s tragic accident. She discovers she can communicate with her horse, Thunder Jam, and helps him overcome his fear of starting gates.

The unique angle of a girl who can talk to horses adds a magical touch to the story.

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