– by Nick Doll

After being off the air for four years, following an earlier, seven year hiatus, Arrested Development is finally escaping its state of… well… arrested development. The fifth season was announced back in May and is set to air on Netflix next summer, which was home to the fourth season of the series following its cancellation on Fox in 2006. That’s right, TV’s greatest series, and funniest family will be back, this time unraveling the murder mystery cliffhanger left at the end of the divisive previous season.

Will Arnett, who plays GOB Bluth, previously assured fans that Season 5 will be more in line with the first three seasons, actually getting the cast back together rather than utilizing character focused episodes with limited Bluth interaction. Yet, from my experience since the show’s initial cancellation over a decade ago, usually when something positive is announced or said about Arrested Development, it often turns out too good to be true, and it’s been a few months since we have heard anything about Arrested Development

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Never fear, Jason Bateman is here! Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, arguably the most responsible member of the family — at one point at least — took to Twitter to announce the official start date of production on the beloved show with a literal set photo: