– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Arrow returns from its hiatus.  Will tonight’s episode match the level of anticipation from the recently released sizzle reel?  Read on to find out the good and the bad from this week’s episode:

Good: Chase Is Still Missing — It is a subtle detail, but a good one.  As much as I like to see Chase, and Prometheus, having him missing from this episode shows just how advanced he is. He has gone completely off the grid, which exemplifies his power as one of the ultimate adversaries of Green Arrow since Slade Wilson / Deathstroke.

Bad: Curtis Holt — Readers know I am not a fan of Team Arrow, but having two Felicity’s is too much.  They are pretty much the same character, and I get they want to use her as comic relief, and the “Oracle” role, but I find both of them to be a bit annoying at this point. Curtis feels like this season’s Laurel from last season.  He can’t realistically fit the idea of honestly being prepared to go into battle, yet he does it every night.  It isn’t the actor, as I really like Echo Kellum, and I think he’d be fine on his own, but he and Felicity are too similar. 

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Bad: Still No Green ArrowArrow is the title of this series, yet here is another episode without seeing Green Arrow.  I know there is a task force out for him, even thought they shouldn’t be due to learning about Adrian Chase being Prometheus, but it really hasn’t felt like a Green Arrow series due to the lack of his presence.  I’m tired of seeing Oliver wear that black Jason Voorhees mask, and wield a gun…especially after the big anti-gun episode…

Bad: The Focus Being On Team Arrow…Once Again… — Felicity dealing with Helix, Wild Dog’s situation with his daughter took the focus of this week’s episode.  Also, the new Black Canary doesn’t seem to fit in to me.  Her character still seems forced just so there is a Black Canary.  I’m not saying that Wild Dog’s story didn’t have emotional depth to it, but the focus once again isn’t on Oliver Queen, and definitely not on the Green Arrow. When the plot focuses on him, as the title of the series suggests, it is a better story.  

Good: Chase Has Connections to Helix — At the very end of the episode it appeared that the device Helix gave Felicity to track Chase was quite the opposite.  Chase looks to have infiltrated Helix, having them help him take down Team Arrow.  He is once again proving to be numerous steps ahead of Oliver and the team.

I tried to look for more good than bad, but I didn’t find much in this episode.  It was clearly used to slow the build up to much of what we saw in the sizzle reel.  The unfortunate part is that very little of that sizzle reel was seen in tonight’s episode.  I know it will pick up, but I was hoping for more coming off of a hiatus.  I think the final episodes of Season 5 will save this season, but do you think Arrow can fix some of its consistency issues during Season 6?

Arrow returns next Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on The CW. Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

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