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Arrow: Can Oliver Survive Level 2?

Last week brought us a strong episode of Arrow!  Oliver made yet another sacrifice in order to gain information on Diaz and has been sent to Level 2.  How will he do?  Will he find the information he is looking for?  Also, Team Arrow secretly have a member of The Longbow Hunters. Will they gain some leverage?  Read on to find out!

Level 2 — Oliver got what he wanted…access to Level 2.  He is being denied food and water, and can only speak to the Level-2 psychiatrist. No food and water?  Psh, he’s been through worse on Lian Yu! The ethical debate continues.  The psychiatrist asks Oliver how many people he has killed, and Oliver holds firm that he did it for his family.  The psychiatrist drugged Oliver which makes him connect to the time he changed from a billionaire playboy to his pre-vigilante stage: when his father passed on his legacy to Oliver then committed suicide.  This part was extremely interesting.  While Oliver remembers the difficult memories, the psychiatrist tries to tell him that his father was a murderer and had no right to pass on his misgivings.  I hope they do more with this.  It helps shed more light on just how complex Oliver’s PTSD, guilt, and dedication to his family really is.

The psychiatrist tries to tell Oliver that just as his father passed down the idea of Oliver finishing his story, he said that William could suffer the same fate.  Is this foreshadowing? Could this already be in place?  Could the psychiatrist’s name be on the infamous “list”? Since Oliver tells him to “go to hell” (Nice!  Stick it to the man!), it looks as if it is about to get worse for Oliver.  He has been through Lian Yu and torture from Adrian Chase, so he’s used to it, right? Why is this guy so interested in Oliver not “poisoning” his son?  He clearly knows something.  Through the shock treatment, Oliver sees himself with William, but paralleled with the roles that he and his father went through.  This season is deep with the psychological issues while balancing the physical fighting as well.  I find myself honestly wanting to know more.

The torture leads Oliver to forget his name and go by his inmate number…or is he bluffing?

Green Arrow Returns We didn’t see him last episode, but he returned!  Rene met Dinah for a meeting and brought Zoey who was trapped in a burning room.  As Rene went to save her, Green Arrow beat him to it!  Who could it be?  Do you think it is the future William?  Maybe Roy? Tommy? (Just kidding).  Rene and Dinah are still at odds concerning how to handle the new vigilante.  It makes for an interesting dynamic.  Dinah’s new position has changed her perspective while Rene has done a complete 180 from last season now knowing the importance of the Green Arrow, especially after saving Zoey.

Rene meets Green Arrow face-to-face and gets between Dinah and the vigilante.  Because of this, she arrests him!  Wow, I knew they had a difference in opinions, but I didn’t think she would arrest him!  I’ll be honest, the past couple seasons I didn’t like either character.  It wasn’t the actor or actress, I just didn’t enjoy their roles.  This season I feel like there is actually something interesting to invest in.

We got to see Green Arrow a bit closer, but their mouth, and eyes were covered (he looks smaller than Roy, so does that cut him out of the picture?).  Not much to go off of! Diggle comes to speak to Dinah, and brings intel from the new Green Arrow.  This leads Dinah to have a change of heart as she lets Rene out and asks him for help.  The reason this plotline has been working is because they aren’t necessarily trying to give all characters equal screen time each episode.  Shifting the focus each week keeps it fresh and not as rushed.

Green Arrow, Rene, and Dinah go after the bombers who are on the loose, and Green Arrow saves the day…of course…even though he is injured, and viewers still aren’t any closer to knowing the identity! (Good, keep the anticipation going!). Dinah gives Zoey a Canary pin which connects to…

Flash Forward Roy and William use the arrowhead he was given and realize that Felicity is changing the coordinates.  What could she have planned?  The two end up at a destroyed Smoak Industries and find a Rubik’s cube that Felicity left for William.  While there they encounter future Dinah (Black Canary) who warns them that they shouldn’t have come back!  These flash forwards are great and have really rejuvenated the show.  I honestly don’t know what to expect from them and am not quite sure where they are going which makes them completely intriguing! The episode ends with two big surprises: Black Canary has a vigilante friend with her…future Zoey!  I thought the pin would lead to something, but I didn’t think it would be this soon!  Viewers also find out that Felicity isn’t sending William the clues because…future Felicity is dead! (I’m sure this may make many fans happy).

Prisoner #2 — Just like Oliver, Silencer is being held without food and water by Felicity and Rene, but doesn’t seem too bothered. Felicity brings Laurel to speak with her.  Laurel actually gives Felicity some decent advice about what happens when a person crosses the line.  Felicity springs a trap, which lets Silencer go, but will lead them to Diaz.

Wow, once again a lot to process from this episode, but the writers have really stepped up their game this season. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Who is sending William these messages?  Who is the new Green Arrow? Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Monday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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