– by Mark Cook

Last week Arrow returned and numerous factions had been formed.  With Team Arrow now divided, will that make Oliver’s quest of taking down Cayden James and his team easier, or more difficult?  Read on to find out!


(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Cayden James Controls Everything…Again — 7:00 was the time Cayden James seemed to infiltrate every type of technology (didn’t something like this happen on The Flash when Barry had to take a car apart before it ran into a wall?…There seems to be a good bit of story swapping between the two shows).  During this specified attack, Police Captain Frank Pike was killed while electrocuted by…yes by…an elevator.  James shows up at Oliver’s office proclaiming he wants vengeance for his son.  He then says that Oliver can save the city by wiring $10 million nightly to a specific account. He seems to do this in order to bankrupt the city because one year prior Oliver missed his intended target and his arrow killed James’ son.  Alright, so he wants to get revenge by bankrupting the city? So Adrian Chase wanted revenge on Oliver by hurting all of those close to him (made sense) and now James wants revenge by bankrupting the city.  Yes, it blackmails Oliver but the angle is still…odd.  We do find out that James wanted control of the docks so no reinforcements could come into the city and so no one could leave.

William’s Revelation — There was one primary tunnel open which held William and his classmates.  As the tunnel starts randomly exploding, Green Arrow and Spartan come to the rescue as William realizes his dad has taken the costume back up. Later, the two meet up with their former partners due to intel provided by Vigilante (more on that later). There was a good fighting montage with a voice over of Felicity explaining Oliver’s life as the Green Arrow to William, which I thought was actually well done. This moment mixed with a heart-to-heart talk with William helped him come to the realization to the city needs the Green Arrow.

(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

An Odd Split? — After last week’s episode it appeared there was a definite split between the teams seeing as the episode ended with the new lair, yet Oliver and Felicity called for their help, which they obliged even with their typical “Oliver lost our trust” spiel. Where did the new team get all of the tech, including the movable costume display?  With Oliver it initially made since with his earlier wealth and connection to the family business, but where in the world did Curtis, Rene, and Dinah get it all.  Oliver returns to his lair to tell Diggle and Felicty about his meeting with James.  The interesting part came when he revealed that he couldn’t have killed James’ son exactly one year prior because he was actually out of town recruiting Dinah at the time. Felicity thinks she has it figured out as to why James thinks Oliver killed his son, but she explained it so annoyingly fast that I couldn’t follow (maybe I’m just dumb, or was focused on how annoyed I get when her character does that).  Oliver can’t find any concrete proof that he didn’t kill James’ son so he orders Thea (yeah, remember her) to transfer the $10 million.

Team 2 — That’s what I am calling them since they don’t yet have a new name. As the new team boasts about their victory off of Vince’s intel (with a nice reference to The Outsiders) Curtis lets them know that Vince was the reason they had the information.  Yet again Rene makes a comment such as, “How very Oliver of you” in referencing Curtis keeping the information from them.  I get it.  Oliver lied to them, just as Rene and Dinah did and yet they don’t seem to think that’s an issue.  I don’t mind the team split at all, but the constant references to how “upset” they are has become a bit overused.

(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

The Mole? — It appears Vigilante could be a mole…or is he?  He tracks down Curtis and reveals that he is actually working undercover to take James down and needs their help.  Can Curtis trust him?  Could he be the key player? Vince later sends a Morse code message to Curtis prior to going on a mission for James.  Could this be insight, or a set-up?  It turns out Vigilante is a mole (at least for now) as he is seen taking down some of Jame’s men that he came with in order to save Rene.  I’d keep an eye on this because I don’t completely trust him at this point.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Is there a good balance of the characters, or are there too many?  Will Vigilante be the key in weakening James’ faction?    Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.