Arrow: Season 5 – “So It Begins” Takeaways and Predictions

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Green Arrow and Team Arrow â€“ The episode begins with the typical mission at an abandoned warehouse. Green Arrow and Diggle go without the rest of the team knowing that Prometheus is trying to trap them. This is the point where the “So It Begins” message is left for them. Diggle and Oliver agree that they should not tell the rest of the team as they do not feel they are ready, especially after Wild Dog’s torture at the hands of Tobias Church.

    Green Arrow comes to the scene of a Prometheus murder and speaks with Adrian Chase (the eventual Vigilante) who is the new DA. Not only does he reveal that the mother didn’t seem to have any individual who would have been after her, but that another body was found in different area of town also having been killed by Prometheus’ trademark throwing star. Felicity goes to the police department in order to see her boyfriend, but also to take evidence in order to help the team. Oliver decides to have the rest of the team help as the situation has escalated quickly.

    The team arrives at an outdoor event with mass pandemonium, initiated by a Susan Williams report, as people are afraid they are under attack, yet Prometheus was not at the scene. The team was used well here as they came in to help people escape the chaos rather than being used to fight Prometheus. The writers have handled the new team well yet again. The team is upset that they are just finding out about Prometheus. Diggle tells them that they have to put their emotions to the side as this is more than their feelings, and egos. The team is still frustrated with the fact that they are being treated as a “B” team. 

    Interestingly, Mr. Terrific and Felicity figure out that the victims of Prometheus are not by chance. He is killing people as anagrams in order to spell other names. The names turn out to be from the list that his father gave him in Season 1! This part was awesome, and a great twist!  Oliver explains the list to the group, as well as his former self in the form of the Arrow and the Hood. The team is shocked to hear this news and are clearly upset. Artemis calls him a hypocrite for previously telling her not to kill when he was formerly a “serial killer”. The team realizes that not only do they not trust Oliver, but that there are clearly major changes since Diggle returned. Artemis decides to go on the mission to find Prometheus, not for Oliver, but for herself. She finds Prometheus as she is watching one of his targets. They fight until Green Arrow arrives. He shoots Prometheus in the back with an arrow, but Prometheus realizes the arrow is explosive and throws it at the ceiling of the subway they are on. This was interesting as Prometheus seemed to know the type of arrow he was hit with, as if he has been studying Oliver. In order to escape the train, Oliver uses the parachute arrow again. I’ve enjoyed the tone and changes to Season 5, but for some reason the parachute arrow bothers me. Yes, I know Green Arrow has used an odd assortment of arrows in the comics, but it seems out of place to me. It’s still extremely minor compared to how well the rest of the season has been. Artemis and Oliver have a good conversation and smooth their situation over.

    Finally, Felicity finally finds out more about the throwing stars. She reveals that Prometheus has been collecting Oliver’s arrows over the years and forming them into his own weapons. They conclude that he has had access to the evidence from the police department. Oliver assumes that it is someone within the department. The show ends with Lance waking up with a cut forearm and one of the throwing stars on his table as Prometheus has sent him a message.

Predictions – The dynamics of the team feeling unappreciated was well done.  I am glad the writers have taken some of issues fans have had with the new team (the possibility that they are not ready to be in the field) and used them in the show.  Oliver does need the team, but he and Diggle also realizes that they are not as advanced as the old team and this could lead to them being hurt, or killed.  Look for trust issues to continue to be a focal point for the group.  Oliver may have made amends with Artemis, but his lack of faith in the group may lead to further strain in future missions.  I would assume that there will be a time when Oliver doesn’t want the team to come on a mission, yet he and Diggle will need their help, but they won’t have it.  This could lead to a realization that the team is more necessary than he originally thought.

Photo Courtesy of the CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of the CW/WB.

Prometheus â€“ Prometheus’ intense nature is displayed during his first time on camera in this episode. A mother is cleaning her house, picking up toys, when Prometheus confronts her and sends a throwing star into her neck in broad daylight! Savage. Prometheus later seemingly begins attacking at a large, public gathering during the day, clearly trying to gain attention from the city, and Green Arrow. 

Predictions – Prometheus was awesome in this episode.  Yes, there are comparisons to Malcolm Merlin’s Dark Archer, but maybe that is for a reason.  I think the writers want the audience to assume that Detective Malone, Felicity’s boyfriend, is Prometheus.  While this is feasible, I think he is being used as a smoke screen for Prometheus’ true identity.  Maybe the detective secretly works for him, giving him the evidence surrounding Green Arrow from the police department much like Brother Blood was with Slade Wilson in Season 2.  The revelation of Prometheus’ killings being an anagram for individuals related to Oliver’s list was extremely well done.  There were few people who knew of the list Oliver’s father left him.  Watch for Prometheus to continue revealing subtle connections to Oliver in the upcoming episodes.  


Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB.

Mayor Queen – Oliver has a sit-down interview with Susan Williams, tying to gain her trust. Williams beings to spread fear across the city as she reports about “The Throwing Star Killer”, aka Prometheus. While Thea is trying to find Oliver and Lance in the aftermath of the riot, she goes through Lance’s office desk and finds a bottle of liquor. She confronts Lance finding out that he doesn’t want to change. 

Predictions – This storyline was alright for the episode.  There wasn’t much surprise in the fact that Lance is still drinking, but will more than likely lead to future credibility issues not only for himself, but Oliver as well.

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB. 

Photo Courtesy of CW/WB. 

Flashbacks – Anatoly is seen with Oliver showing him how to make a bomb when they are attacked by Konstantin Kovar’s men in a drive-by. Oliver comes to the realization that Kovar’s enemy is the Bratva. He is frustrated because he joined the Bratva under the impression that he would be able to get close to Kovar, not knowing he’d be a direct enemy. Viewers find that Kovar wants to expand his territory, but needs money to do so. Bratva wants to use Oliver as the rich American in order to get close to him. Oliver decides to play along in order to get into the casino and plant explosives. His associate is helping him plant the charges when another man comes and knocks Oliver unconscious. Finally, Dolph Lundgren’s Kovar makes his entrance! He has Oliver andhis associate tied to chairs. He kills Oliver’s associate by snapping his neck, and tells him that he is happy to meet him.

Predictions – The mystery behind Konstantin Kovar was not answered in this episode.  Viewers finally got a chance to see Dolph Lundgren make his appearance as a brutal force in Russia.  We still are not completely sure why Oliver is after him.  The importance of Kovar should be revealed in the next couple episodes.

What did you think of Arrow: Season 5 – “So It Begins”?  Did you enjoy Prometheus?  Do you think he could be Detective Malone?  Why is Kovar so important to Oliver?  Leave your thoughts in the usual place and thanks for reading!!








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