– by Mark Cook

Welcome back to another week of Arrow.  In the last episode viewers learned that Cayden James blames Oliver for killing his son even though Oliver was not in town at the time of the murder.  Also, Vigilante has surfaced as a mole giving the other teams crucial intel.  Can he be trusted?  Read on to find out.

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Trouble In Paradise? — ARGUS arrives to help take down James, yet he is still a step ahead as he had control of their headsets, which he used to shock them, killing the innocent divers.  At this point Oliver has given $70 million to James and his crew.  Meanwhile, for as elusive as James is the same can’t be said about Black Siren as she is seen following Lance while he stops to take a selfie (he could sense he was being followed).  Back at their hideout, the heads of James’ gang meet and seem quite unsure of Vince.  James seemed so unsure of Vince that he must have completely forgotten than Black Canary was not attending any of their meetings as she was too busy following Lance.  Why wasn’t this a red flag for him?  Lance tries to convince Laurel that she is his daughter and Thea helps lure her to a secret location where they had pictures set up.  Thea is being completely wasted.  There really has been no purpose for bringing her back at this point.

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Secret Meetings — Vince continues to meet with Dinah in secret.  He asks if she trust him and she begins kissing him.  She sure forgave him quicker for lying to her than she has with Oliver…Vince reveals that he has been tracking the bomb that James has, yet he can’t take Green Arrow and the rest to him, because he will detonate the bomb which would take out the city.  Ah yes, back to the old destroy the city idea.

Flashbacks — The flashbacks of this episode consisted of Vince and Dinah’s backstory from five years prior.  The main connection was that Dinah was narked out five years prior, which he seems to now be following suit with in the present. They must not be that great at being undercover. The end of the flashback was the scene where they both receive their powers after the particle accelerator.

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More Secrets — As Diggle and Oliver go to apprehend Vigilante, Rene and Curtis run in to say that they had a meeting with him.  So once again we have a group who pretty much despises Oliver for tracking them without them knowing, yet they have been having secret meetings with the enemy and that is fine?  I know these are only minor issues, but for as much as the new team talks about not trusting Oliver, their actions are never much better, but this is what makes Oliver better than them.  He doesn’t hold these faults against them. Oliver meets with Vince privately and lets him know that the others may trust him, but Oliver doesn’t as he has clearly taken shots (literally) at all of them. They all decide that Vince will try to steal information from James’ database in which he is caught by James.  I do have to say that I like this aspect of the show.  I can’t decide if I trust Vince or not, and I am curious to see how it all plays out.  What if he dies?  Will Dinah blame Oliver?  What if he screws the team over?  Felicity actually comes to the rescue by walking Vince through what to say to James over his earpiece. He eventually sends the data to Felicity and encounters James as he is about to leave at which time Anatoly uses a taser on him.  I was wondering how in the world James didn’t have his own hideout completely bugged. With the torturing of Vince, Team 2 (Dinah, Rene,and Curtis) go to help him against Oliver’s choice to find the bomb first. As Oliver and Diggle go to find the bomb they find a number of hostages! James confronts a trapped Vince and Dinah as she, yet again, has to watch him die.  James orders Black Canary to scream into his ear, and if he doesn’t he may doubt her allegiance.  As stated before, I’m not sure how he didn’t know she was gone earlier.  I have a feeling that she will end up turning on the group as she becomes closer to Lance.  She may now be the key.

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More Internal Struggles — Now with Vince dead and the bomb exploding, the two teams are at even greater odds.  Dinah feels that Vince died in vain, and Oliver feels that they could have got to the bomb if they had more people.  I know Dinah is distraught, but she knew going into it that Oliver and Diggle were out-manned.  How is it their fault?  And she now blames Oliver?  Seems a bit of a stretch to me.  Her entire argument has been a stretch: mad because Oliver kept that he was following them, yet she kept the information about Vince.  She knew Oliver and Diggle were out-manned, yet blames Oliver for Vince dying in vain.  The angle is good, but the argument is lacking.  Vince’s death has now apparently made Dinah think that the only way to find justice is through killing.

A Bigger Bad Guy? — Felicity finds the fake surveillance footage that shows Oliver “killing” James’ son.  They also found out that whoever faked the footage was the same person who faked the earlier photo of Oliver in the Green Arrow suit.  The individual behind both incidents wanted James to think it was Oliver.  Who could be behind it all?

What did you think of this week’s episode?  For as intelligent as Cayden James is, and his access to unlimited technology, isn’t it a pretty large oversight that he couldn’t figure out that Oliver wasn’t the killer of his son?  Are you enjoying the second half of the season so far?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.