– by Mark Cook


Happy Friday!!  Yesterday brought us a new episode of Arrow.  Coming off of last week’s showcase of Diaz, will this episode be able to be as strong, and follow suit?  Read on to find out!


A.R.G.U.S. — Diggle picked up a job working for his wife as the company looks to go after Diaz as well.  The Quadrant look to be receiving guns from the black market, which Diggle wants to use as a way to find Diaz.

Rene’s Return — Rene returns from his extended rehabilitation.  His side of the team, and his daughter, welcome him back with open arms.  Rene is sure to remind the audience of his hatred towards Oliver.  Luckily, they didn’t focus on that for too long. At this point, all parties involved are after Diaz, but working separately.  Will they get in each other’s way? I’m still not sold on this team, and would rather see Oliver and Diggle’s story lines, but I realize they can’t just cut the second team off the show.  Rene looks to have some PTSD while in the field, but luckily Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. arrive to help.  Diggle quickly apologizes with the second team and looks to help them.  Quite the dynamic shift, but that’s probably why the episode is titled “Shifting Allegiances”.  Rene and Diggle do share a sentimental moment, which was a nice touch.

Suffering from his PTSD, Rene sits out their next mission to destroy the guns coming out of the city.  Could this possibly put Rene out for good?

The Set Up — Mayor Lance meets with Laurel, who obviously sets him up as Diaz walks in.  He wants to have the mayor under his power, and uses his PDA with Laurel to send Lance over the edge.  Lance going off on Laurel and claims she used his memories of his Laurel against him was great to see.  He then kicked her out of his house.  This was actually a big moment for Lance.  The loss of his daughters has always haunted him, which he has never been able to come to terms with.  He finally took a stand against his emotions and realized that this Laurel is in fact, not his.  Unfortunately, some remorse does come as Lance signs over a city building to Diaz, but he does so trying to protect this Laurel, even if she isn’t “his”.  The two decide to protect each other.  I’m curious to see  where this goes. I’ve never trusted this Laurel, but she does seem somewhat sincere. Could this be a facade, or will she truly help protect Lance?

On His Own — Can I just say that I love Oliver being on his own?  I also love the grittiness that has come back to the show.  Starting the episode, Green Arrow puts an arrow through a druggy’s arm.  Yes! Green Arrow is elusive and stealth-like again.  Oliver infiltrates where Anatoly is staying.  He had previously gone to Russia and paid they debt he owed, which was the reason the Bratva exiled Anatoly in the first place.  When it seems like he may switch sides, Anatoly tasers Oliver!  I honestly thought that was going to be an easy switch.  Not so. Anatoly wants to stay in alliance with Diaz because of money (obviously).  Anatoly brings Oliver to Diaz who is upset after the second team took down his trucks carrying military-grade weapons.  Diaz wants a one-on-one fight with Oliver.  What’s on the table?  Whoever hits the floor has to leave the city.

Even though this part was fun, they definitely ripped it straight from The Dark Knight Rises.  First, the hero/villain one-on-one fight.  Second, Diaz says something along the lines of, “You spent five years in hell, I was born in it.”  Then the fight didn’t have any background music.  Hey, it worked for Nolan, so why not now? Oliver puts a choke hold on Diaz, but of course he cheats and stabs Oliver much to the dismay of Anatoly. This was part of Anatoly’s plan as he wanted to see who had honor, which Oliver proved.  Diaz’s power is strongly shown as he decides to move Oliver’s trial up, which we clearly know Diaz is controlling pretty much everyone involved in the trial.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  I enjoyed last week’s episode more, but this week wasn’t bad at all.  But what about next week?!  This trial is definitely interesting, and it looks like we will have the return of Tommy!  How!? I am definitely pumped to see the fallout. Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.